Know what I really, really hate? (Y’all are saying "Um, EVERYTHING", aren’t you?) I loathe it when a father is described as "babysitting" his children. God, that just gets all over me. Here’s a tip: If they’re your own children, it’s NEVER "babysitting." That would, instead, be called "parenting." You can thank me later. While we’re on the subject of things that drive me crazy, there’s this thing they do on TV – well, truthfully, until a few weeks ago, I’d only seen it happen on soap operas, but apparently it’s spreading. On Felicity a few weeks ago, one of the characters had slept with her boyfriend’s lab partner and was trying to decide whether to tell him (her boyfriend, that is – one hopes the lab partner would remember on his own). In the meantime he finds out that she had an affair with one of her professors a year or so before they met, and he shows up at her dorm room all upset. "I just found out!" he says. "How could you not tell me about it?!" And she responds by saying "Oh my god, I was going to tell you, I just didn’t know how!" He goes on to say "I know it was before we met, but you still should have told me!" And she gets confused and says "What are you talking about?" Eventually, they get it all straightened out that he was talking about the professor. But here’s what bugs me: he never comes back and says "Wait. What did you think I was talking about??" Honestly, if it were me, I’d realize pretty quickly that she was freaking out that I’d found out about something, and it obviously wasn’t the professor. It just annoys me. I can’t help it, I’m weird. But then, y’all knew that. So. Momma’s got a brand new toy:

new toy

It’s my brand-spanking-new Nokia phone – not the $300 one, the least expensive one I could find. It’s the one you can buy different colored faceplates to switch out with the black faceplate it comes with. Naturally, I had to have the yellow one. Cool, isn’t it? Just looking at it makes me all kinds of happy. It’s the little things, you know. I was never a fan of our old Ericsson phone, and when I had a little money in my pocket, I went right ahead and ordered the Nokia from Powertel instead of waiting for Fred to sell the Ericsson phone on Ebay (which he’s been promising to do for three months now). It came via UPS the day before yesterday, and the yellow faceplate, which I bought off of Ebay the same day I ordered the phone, arrived the same day. I’ve been using it like mad all day long. While we’re sharing pictures, here’s one where Spanky illustrates why his new nickname is "Gomer."


And here’s one of Miz Poo, the Mad Shitter, and Tubby. Miz Poo doesn’t generally snuggle up with the boys, but I guess she was in the mood for kitty love.


The Mad Shitter doesn’t even look like a cat laying over there on that pillow, does he? He looks like a dead racoon or something. A dead racoon who could desperately use a brushing. I also spent part of the morning making kitty movies. The first one is Miz Poo being freaked out by a shadow. The second one is Miz Poo and Gomer laying in the sun cleaning themselves. Ignore my dorky voice if you would. Okay, I promise, no more kitty pics for a while. Don’t look at me all skeptical-like. I’m serious!… Well, maybe.