::gag::coughcoughcough::spit:: Sorry, but just as I began typing, I popped an Altoid in my mouth and it tasted like kitty litter. How do you know what kitty litter tastes like, you freakin’ sicko? Oh, hush up. When I dump clean litter in the box the resulting dust storm makes it’s way into my mouth and nose. By the way, that Altoid had a strong, burning aftertaste. If I wake up dead tomorrow, y’all know who to sue. I had to haul the spud to school this morning because she had a project due, and so by the time I was done exercising (though not outside, f’r the love o’ god, it was like 20 degrees out there, and about zero with the windchill) and cleaning the downstairs, it was after 11:00. I sat down on the bed with wrapping paper, boxes, tape, bows, tags, and gifts. Except for a 10-minute break at 1:00, I wrapped my little heart constantly until 4:30 when I was finally, finally done. I swear upon all that is bitchy I will wrap the presents AS I BUY THEM next year and not wait until I have huge piles all over the place. Wrapping a lot of presents just isn’t my idea of a good time, though that’s changed since I was a kid. Wrapping presents used to be my favorite part of the entire holidays. I guess that was before I got a job at a place where I had to wrap gazillions of presents during Christmas. Okay, I’m going to share one cute spud anecdote with y’all, and then I’m outta here. Last week, after I had cleaned the downstairs (including mopping with lemon-scented pine-sol), the spud got home from school. She walked through the door, looked around, sniffed once or twice, and said "Why does it smell lemony fresh down here?"]]>