BUT, as Fred pointed out, when you turn it just a bit, what do you find? This: book club I was being subjected to porn without realizing it! Can you believe this? How many catalogs are out there, perverting the minds of innocent, unsuspecting people? I’m thinking of suing. (Kidding) While I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, I picked up three sweater driers, because the spud got a bunch of sweaters for Christmas, and some that Fred bought from ebay at a wicked bargain price, and as y’all know, when you wash sweaters, you can’t hang them up to dry, ’cause they’ll stretch out of shape. So, I bought these driers, which basically are a screen-type material on a rack with short little legs. You put the sweaters on the racks, which are stackable, and air can get to all parts of the sweater and it dries rather quickly. With me so far? So I got the sweater driers set up yesterday, with a sweater on each, and stacked them in the corner of the computer room, out of the way. Not ten minutes later, Miz Poo was sniffing around the stacked sweater driers, and not two minutes after that, she’d made herself at home on the top one. She stayed there most of the evening, purring loudly as she snoozed. Did I get a picture? Need you ask? miz poo on the sweater rack This would be when Fred was poking the underside of the sweater drier, driving Miz Poo crazy. I would have gotten a short movie of it, except that it was really too dark, even with the light on. That Miz Poo, she’s a cutie-pie, yes? Maaaaan, I have to go to the gynecologist’s tomorrow for my yearly torture. At least I can impress them with my 80-pound weight loss, though Dr. N is a plain-spoken woman and I’m afraid she might look me over and say "You may have lost a lot of weight, but you’re still a fat-ass!" You know, if I didn’t need those birth control pills so much, I’d probably NEVER go. I bitch and complain about how they’re not available over the counter (yet!), but it’s the only thing that gets my ass in that office every year. Or maybe it’s those attractive paper gowns.