this link. Go check it out, and if the cat isn’t in his bed, go check out the gallery. What an adorable cat – I have one of his pictures set as my wallpaper, and every time I look at it I grin. But don’t tell Miz Poo I’m admiring another cat, please… Speaking of Miz Poo, we had the back door open yesterday while we were eating dinner, and when it got rather cold, I shut the door. All the cats were inside except for her, and she always runs away when you go out to make her come inside, so I figured I’d leave the door closed and check on her in about ten minutes, sure that she’d want to come in. Naturally, I completely forgot she was even out there. Two hours later, Fred opened the door to go outside, and she shot through the doorway, her eyes big and dark with the horror of it all. No doubt she thought she’d be spending the night out there, or perhaps the rest of her life. After bitching about it for a few minutes, she settled down for a long nap, none the worse for wear. I’m always accidentally leaving someone out there – Spot spent an entire night out there in the summer, and Tubby has spent many an hour out there. They’re all still alive, so don’t feel too sorry for them. I’m off to sit on my lazy ass and read, so y’all have a good weekend! —–]]>