Straight Dope from a Bi Chick was going to win. I mean, that’s a journal entry I actually printed out to keep, and I almost never do that! Thanks so much, to everyone who voted for me, and in fact, everyone who voted, period. You like me! You really like me! Ahem. I know it’s kinda goofy that I’m this excited, but what can I say? I’m just a goofy kinda gal. "I Will" is my favorite of anything I’ve written, and it’s nice to find that other people like it too! And congrats to all the other Diarist Awards winners, particularly one Bitter Hag, to whom – as you may or may not recall – I linked months ago, back when she’d just gotten started. I still covet that journal and domain name! Okay, on to other topics… Y’all just crack me up. Of the 24 people who sent me their names and addresses for the free stuff, a LARGE majority said, in effect "Me! Pick me! I love you more than anyone, and I always tell you how awesome you are, SO PICK ME, DAMNIT!" However, here at Bitchypoo Headquarters, the drawing of the names first thing Tuesday morning will be aboveboard, and there will be no favoritism shown, nosirree. But nice try. 🙂 I was at the Madison post office Tuesday afternoon, ’cause I needed to rent a post office box. The post office box I used to have, in Huntsville, was getting to be a real pain in the ass to drive to, mostly because since I don’t work at DI anymore, I don’t have any reason to be in that area of Huntsville, so if I wanted to check the box, it required half an hour out of my day, down the busiest street in Huntsville. The Madison post office is a little closer, and since I go that way at least twice a week, it’s much more convenient. Plus, it’s a lot less busy than the Huntsville post office. So, I rented a box at the Madison post office (PO Box 565, Madison, AL 35758, if you’re inclined to send me love letters), and the guy who waited on me looked like an older, thinner Drew Carey. And I don’t know if he was a tad "slow", or if he thought perhaps I was, but he talked verrrry slowly and thoroughly explained everrrrry detail of owning and using a post office box. "If you get a package that’s too big for your box," he said carefully, "we. will. put. a. yellow. slip. in. your. box. You. should. bring. it. up. to. the. counter. and. we. will. get. the. package. for. you." And, to illustrate, he picked one of said yellow slips up and waved it at me. He felt it important to reassure me three different times that box 565 is a "very good box!" I wondered – silently to myself, not out loud – what makes one post office box better than another. No doubt there’s some sort of post office box hierarchy about which I have no clue. Since I hadn’t yet begun to PMS, though, I found it all rather sweet instead of enraging the way I would have if I’d done it yesterday. Yesterday, I went to the Huntsville post office to close the box I’d been using there – and to get my $2 key deposit back! – and as I walked through the door and glanced to the right, where the little store that they sell stamps and envelopes is located, I recalled why I used to enjoy visiting the post office on a frequent basis back when I worked at DI. Simply put, one of the postal workers is a total cutie-pie. And he’s always so friendly! He reminds me, looks-wise, of Leroy, one of the shift managers I worked with at McDonald’s. Not that you have any idea what Leroy looked like, of course. Good-bye Huntsville postal worker cutie-pie. Good-bye chunky postal worker lady with the poodle perm and big glasses who was also very friendly. And good-bye to those long-ass lines. I’m takin’ my mail to Madison. —–]]>