lookatmeain’ticute smirk on her face. I wanted to slap her, and I think Dr. Phil did, too. I had ten million errands to run today, including mailing out packages to the people who entered the drawing for the free stuff. Speaking of the Post Office, I checked my box today while I was there, and found the most gorgeous sketch of Miz Poo, done by the lovely and very talented Lis, who is smart enough to recognize the coolest cat in the world when she sees her. I’m going to frame the sketch and hang it over my desk ’cause I love it! Thanks, Lis! You know that cleaning schedule I mentioned? Where I have a specific task or two that needs to be done each day? Y’all think that worked at all? The schedule’s been printed out and taped handily on my monitor for two or three weeks, and I have yet to clean the kitchen (Thursday) even once so far. The one task I accomplish when I’m supposed to is to change the sheets every Wednesday, and that’s because I love the feel of nice clean sheets on my (hairy) legs. And god knows if I waited too long to change them, I’d end up with a single piece of cat litter irritating me all night long. Despite my non-adherence to the schedule, the house doesn’t really look all that bad, amazingly enough. Sure, the bathroom counters are dustier than they should be, and I don’t recall the last time I dusted the furniture, but the floors get vacuumed from time to time, and there are no three-foot dust bunnies living on the stairs, so I’m calling it good enough. If you’ve sent me email in the last several days and I haven’t responded, rest assured that I’m not ignoring you or anything; I’m just incredibly behind in my email, and I hope to get to the majority of it tomorrow morning, since there are no pressing errands or housework to be done. —–]]>