How purty is my pet? Purty darn purty, in my opinion. As of this moment, Miz Poo has gotten 24 votes and is standing tall at 9.1 points. Personally, I think she deserves a 10, don’t you? Go vote for her! And check out Jamie’s Leon and Itty Bitty, while you’re at it, and thanks to Jamie for cluing me in to that particular site. God knows I don’t spend enough time surfing as it is… Oh, speaking of cats, you MUST check out Becca’s most recent entry. Now who else do we know who would leave their paralyzed cat in an ungainly and undignified position so they could take picture after picture? Who could it be? Who else besides Becca would do such a thing? That’s right, I’d be on it in a New York minute. I was planning to watch Oprah this afternoon, but to my dismay, some basketball game was on instead. So I turned the sound off and went about my business making chicken gumbo for dinner. About ten ’til five, I glanced up and saw that they were showing the last few minutes of Oprah, so I turned the TV on. What do you suppose I’d missed? That’s right, the book club discussion of that loathesome Mulvaneys book. Which, being me, I’d wanted to see, because I thought to myself (rather charitably, if I may say so) "Maybe I just missed something in the book and I’ll understand what a work of ART it really is if I watch the book club show!" See how I am, still willing to give the damn thing a chance? Doesn’t it just make you want to be my best friend, huh? I haven’t learned my lesson, though. Oprah made Icy Sparks, her book for March, sound really damn good. God knows I’ll probably snatch it up next time I go to Sam’s, and then spend an entire entry bitching about how much it sucked. It’s a comfortable pattern for me. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’ve read Oprah books that I really liked. Gap Creek was an Oprah book, wasn’t it? I liked it a lot. I read Where the Heart Is long before Oprah picked it; I owned White Oleander before she picked it, same goes for Black and Blue and While I Was Gone. So I’m not the lemming I sound like, really I’m not! Ah, hell, I guess it’s obvious that my reading tastes are neither cutting-edge nor offbeat. I do like a wide range of fiction, though, from romance (no, NOT the Harlequins!) to mystery and suspense, and everything in between. In fact, I just read the first of the Kat Colorado series, which my beloved Moira sent me for my birthday. I just love me some female kick-ass detectives, and when the hell is Sue Grafton going to put the next one out? (oh, apparently P is for Peril is coming out in June) She’s got some nerve, not putting out a book every six months to suit me… I actually meant to make this entry all about my fart story, but it seems that I forgot and then went on and on about books. Oh well, I guess I’ll save the fart story for tomorrow, because it’s truly spectacular and deserves it’s own entry. We’re all about the high-brow entertainment, here in BitchyLand. —–]]>