Wonder. What I heard was Fate smiled at Destiny, and it felt like that was about us. So many things came together, and we met. I got a computer, I (eventually) got online, I wandered into Fred’s IRC channel, at the perfect time for us both. What if I hadn’t figured out how to get my incredibly crappy computer – bought for $50 from a friend’s husband – onto the local bbs? What if, after fooling around, I hadn’t discovered how to get on IRC? What if the default network hadn’t been Undernet, but rather Dalnet or Efnet? What if, what if, what if? I can actually strike fear into my heart by thinking of the what ifs, so I don’t very often let myself think of them. I like to think that Fate did, in fact, smile at Destiny and brought us together. That’s why today, our fifth anniversary, is such a big deal to me, that we need to celebrate the occasion of our meeting, which led to our falling in love, which led to our marriage, which will lead a long happy life together. If we’d never met, brought together by Fate and Destiny or not, all the rest would have been dust in the wind. Happy anniversary, baby. I love you. —–]]>