Since the spud has spring break this week, and I don’t have to wait for her to get on the bus before I go outside to walk, I got up a few minutes after 6 this morning and did all my exercising, and was done well before 9, although to my disappointment none of the doggies I usually stop to pet were out that early. Then I spent three, yes THREE hours responding to the emails I’ve been letting pile up for the last several days, and now I’m all caught up on emails. If you’ve sent one and I didn’t respond to it today, you may want to write to me again, ’cause I either didn’t get it or accidentally deleted it.

Did everyone watch the Oscars last night? I was under the mistaken impression that they started at 7 Central Time, not realizing that it was necessary to sit through half an hour of red carpet action before they started, which I thought was rather odd. As you can probably tell, I’m not too terribly into the Oscars – in fact, I usually can’t remember from one year to the next who’s won and who hasn’t. We watched until 9, when we had to go to bed or Fred would melt or something, so I taped the rest. I don’t know why I bothered taping it; god knows I probably won’t watch it. I watched the Barbara Walters special beforehand, too, because I like Ben Stiller, Faith Hill, and John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

I hate to admit it, but John Travolta and Kelly Preston make a pretty cute couple. While we were watching it, Fred wondered if Kelly is ever wandering around the house, bored, and makes John Travolta sing something from Grease. I know I would.

Was it just me, or did Faith Hill come across as a total ditz in her interview? Maybe she was just nervous, but I dunno. I like most everything she sings, and I would probably have been happier without seeing that interview.

I also spent a good part of the morning, while I was returning myriad emails, downloading stuff from Napster and rebuilding my collection. I was thrilled to discover Cartman singing Sailing since I hadn’t heard it before, and Faith No More singing Easy.

Napster rocks. The only thing that drives me nuts is when someone gives a song the wrong title and other people download it, and then you do a search and there are 45,000 copies of the song with the wrong fucking title. For instance, the title of the song is Loving This Way, but ten tons of dumbasses had it as I’m Tired of Loving This Way. That sort of thing really drives me nuts.

It’s just the little things that get to me, y’know?