No, those are just from the black parts of the peas!" Around lunchtime, I went into the kitchen to make lunch, and checked on the peas to see how they were coming. Lining the top of the water were myriad little black bugs. I guess we’d discovered Ground Zero. They weren’t all dead yet, either. More than a few of them were swimming back and forth, trying to figure out how to get out. So I put ’em all – and the peas – down the garbage disposal. Take that, you little bastards. The spud had a shower to attend last night, one that her class was throwing for their teacher at a restaurant, so Fred and I dropped her off and went to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner. When we were leaving, Fred picked up a couple of magazines with listings and pictures of houses for sale. Therein, we found our dream house. Okay, so maybe it’s a long drive from there to Fred’s work. And so it’s a really really old house with no central air. Yeah, it "needs work." No doubt the electricity would need to be redone, and it’s probably all but falling down. But lordygodalmighty, the SIZES of the bedrooms! 19×19, every damn one of them! Five thousand square feet! All the floors are wood, and it was built in 1847, when they knew how to build a house! And it’s on 3+ acres, with a VIEW! All for $129,900! It’s like it’s calling me home… —–]]>