faucet mounted water filter. The one that cost less than $40 at Wal-Mart. When we heard that one, Fred and I turned and looked at each other, with big cartoonish question marks over our heads. I mean, what the fuck? All I can guess is that they think it’s some big, elaborate filter system, instead of the cheapie faucet-mounted thing that it is. Fred was seriously tempted to counter their counter-offer by saying they couldn’t have the water filter. Wouldn’t it be funny if a $40 water filter was the reason the deal fell through? Expect to hear a lot of boring house stuff over the next two months. Oh, that’s the other thing. They don’t want to close until July 31st – I think they’re renting somewhere in the neighborhood, and that must be when their lease is up. On the one hand, I’m glad it’s so far away because that gives us plenty of time to find a new house. But on the other hand, I’m supposed to be leaving for Maine on August 1st, the day after closing! I’m not sure how we’re going to deal with that. I took the spud to get her hair cut today. We specified a chin-length, layered cut, and got one that was a tad longer than we – I – would have liked, but it looks cute, all curly. The hairdresser/beautician/hairchick blew it dry whilst scrunching it, so it was a lot curlier than usual. I don’t expect that the spud – who is just like her mother – will be bothered to "do" her hair every day. I would put up a picture, but as soon as we got home, she ran a brush through it, and all the curl went away, leaving her with triangle-head. Let’s see… boring house stuff and a blurb about my day. Yep, I think that about covers it! —–]]>