So, according to Entertainment Weekly‘s May 11th issue (I’m a bit behind in my magazine reading, as in everything else in life), Senator Orrin Hatch has asked William Petersen, the star of CSI (and hottie extraordinaire) to speak to Congress about allocating money for the advancement of forensic science. That just puts a big cartoon question mark over my head, y’know? I’m thinking – and I know that this is way out there – wouldn’t it be better to have, oh I dunno, an ACTUAL forensic scientist speak to Congress, one who spends all day BEING a forensic scientist?

I know, silly idea.

Fred reminded me this morning that I hadn’t told y’all about something that happened while we were on vacation. Since it was the week before my period was due to begin, the hormones were a-hoppin’, and I had a rather, uh, involved dream about – this is so embarrassing! – McSweeney from Boot Camp.

I told Fred about it the next morning and he thought it was funny as hell.

Later, when we were… uh, how do I say it? Oh yeah. Later, when we were having hot monkey sex, he yelled "Get out of my face!" and then "Move it, move it!", which are both McSweeneyisms. God, it was funny.

I promptly had a sex dream about Recruit Moretti that night.