wanted to like, because it was on 6.5 acres, 4 of which were cleared. But I just didn’t like the inside at all, not one bit of it. And there were several signs that the ceiling leaked. We still have 13 houses we want to see – which we’re going to do Friday, just check them all out in one fell swoop – some of which, at least on paper, look really nice. I think at this point we’re considering house #2 from yesterday as a possible fall-back house, but I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. I’m hoping we can find a house we both love. The realtor’s assistant who took us around – we’ll call her Lynn – was horrified when I said to Fred “We’re going to end up divorced ’cause we can’t agree on a house, aren’t we?” Hey, wanna see something neat? You can search my site now, ain’t that cool? Just go over there in the sidebar and whatever you enter in the search engine will search only my site. I searched on “shelf ass” and was surprised to find how many times I’ve talked about my ass in the past. Ass in the Past will be the name of my 14th novel.]]>