Well, I got the shirt today (it’s ash gray), and the “A site to soothe the savage beast” text doesn’t show up well at all. I should have done it with white letters, I guess, or put it up top underneath the url. But look at that little face. How can you not see it and just grin like a fool? We finally got the list of demands back from the buyers, as a result of Thursday’s home inspection. They were fairly small and reasonable, but we (I guess I should say Fred) stretched enough when they made their counteroffer to our counteroffer at the beginning, that we (Fred) have decided to refuse to make any repairs. The list consisted of things like, the spud’s bathtub drains slowly, one of the fans in the attic doesn’t work, the concrete under the pump for the pool needs to be replaced, and a couple of other things. But, as Fred pointed out, they’re getting a hell of a bargain on this house already, and they’re trying to nickel and dime us to death. If they think they can get a house this size WITH a sprinkler system, pool, fence, and security system for a better price elsewhere, they should go for it. You can guess how much I’m looking forward to having the house back on the market (though it’s not officially off the market yet), and having to leave the house for an hour at a time whenever anyone wants to see it. Bleh. We’re about to go look at 4 or 5 houses in the Hazel Green area, including a yellow one that sounds absolutely kick-ass. Wish me luck!]]>