O Brother, Where Art Thou? last night, and found that it was pretty damn funny. Those Coen brothers, it’s all or nothing with them. When they’re good, they’re very very good (Fargo, O Brother, Raising Arizona), but when they’re bad, they just suck (The Big Lebowski, Blood Simple). My favorite line from any movie ever would be Holly Hunter’s “I’ve said my piece and counted to three.” I’m going to use the hell out of that line, especially when Fred’s being difficult, as he so often is. “Vis-a-vis, my progeny!” cracked me up too. I awoke this morning with a gritty-feeling eye. That’s right, children, I have pinkeye ONCE AGAIN. But since I knew the doctor would be telling me not to wear contacts for a week, I did my 10-miler first. I went to the optometrist this time for a diagnosis and medicine, and I must say, he certainly took more time with me than the doctor at the clinic. He actually asked QUESTIONS and made NOTES. At the clinic, the doctor – once he hears “conjunctivitis” takes half a step in the door, peers across the room at my red eye and then runs and disinfects himself before writing the prescription. The optometrist actually shined the little light in my eye and made me look up, down, and all around. I finally had to jerk my head back ’cause my eye was starting to really ache from being open for so long. The diagnosis? Conjunctivitis. Who’d’ve thunk it?]]>