Bitch, that’s the obvious choice. Send me your choice (song name and artist), and if I get a wide variety of songs, maybe I’ll make a mix cd and send out copies to everyone who suggested a song. How’s that sound? I’m all about the mix cds, people. We had an all-vegetable dinner tonight, which we like to do during the summer when the veggies are ripe and just picked (don’t we just make you sick?). We had red beans and rice, corn on the cob, okra, sliced tomatoes, and oven baked yellow squash. The instant that we sat down to eat, the cats gathered around us the way they do when we’re eating seafood. I’m so hunnnnngry, Tubby howled pleaseohplease feed me some of what you’re having! Spot did his patented tap-on-the-elbow please sir may I have some more? move. Spanky watched closely for any falling crumbs. Fancypants swished back and forth. For VEGETABLES. I don’t know what they thought we were eating, but they certainly wanted them some o’ that. Fred finally got fed up with them and yelled at them to go away. Spot, the spaz, ran in place for several seconds before running away to hide under the bed. Okay, I know you’re dying to know the house details. Fred and I got a case of the “holy crap, I don’t want to sell!” jitters over the weekend, and were on the verge of yanking the house off the market on Saturday. This was prompted by our realization that where we are now is a really, really good location, as far as being close to stores and restaurants and having lots of places to walk. We stepped back from it and thought about it for a while, and decided that instead of going the fifty acres in the country route, we’d go back to our original plan, which was more land than we have now, with a smaller mortgage. We drove to a large subdivision a few miles from here, and found five houses for sale, all of which we liked by seeing the outside and checking out the flyers. One of them is on half an acre and already HAS a pool and fence, which sounds just perfect for us. I hope we like the inside as well. And as far as the concrete situation goes, after Fred told Jeff that he wasn’t going to pay the $100 (see Friday’s entry), Jeff told The Grimms’ realtor that he (Jeff) would cover the $200. The Grimms agreed to that, and so it’s a done deal. We should get our “sold” sign in the next few days, and on Wednesday we’re going to look at the aforementioned 5 houses we found over the weekend. Y’all, wish us luck. It’s only been since this whole house thing started that I’ve realized that I’m a stress eater. Sometimes all I want to do is bury my face in a box of ding dongs and crawl under the covers.]]>