It really looks like it might be “the one”. The inside needs repainting and new blinds, but that’s something that’s doable. The backyard is bigger than the one we have currently, there’s a nice deck and a couple of big trees, there’s room for a pool if we so desire, a small garden, a rose garden, a bulb garden, and plenty of bird feeders. The house we’re in now is, quite frankly, the big house in a neighborhood of smaller houses. The house above is the smaller house in a neighborhood of big houses. I think I like that better. I’m just ready for the whole house hunting thing to be OVER. So I’m going to go to Maine and not think about it for nine days. Speaking of Maine, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but there will be no entries while I’m there. I’m not taking the laptop. I AM taking the digital camera and an entire box of disks, though, so there’ll be plenty to feast your eyes upon when I get back. Plus I’m taking this newfangled thing they call “pen and paper.” I understand you make marks on the paper with the pen and then can transcribe said marks onto a computer. I don’t know about this new technology… I was freaking out earlier today, because it seemed like I had an assload of stuff to do (and with my ass, that’s a lot of stuff!) and was afraid I’d forget something while packing. Which is stupid, ’cause god knows if I forget anything – showed up with one pair of clothes and nothing else – I’d still be okay. I’d just be doing a lot of laundry. Okay, that’s it. I’m off to spend some time with Himself, finish up some laundry, and worry about what I’ve forgotten to pack. I’ll see you on the flip side of June!]]>