Lights are on, ain’t no one home" Bass was giving me the eye, and I wanted to hang around and see if he’d invite me to party with he and the boys, but I also knew that Fred would be worried, since from Atlanta to Huntsville was a 3-hour drive (sh’yeah, I WISH), and I picked up the cellphone to call him… And he woke me up. Damnit. Now I’ll never know if Lance was going to put the moves on me! They came today and finished putting up the fence on either side of the house (the neighbors on either side of us already had fences, so we just attached to theirs – with their permission, of course). It took them all of 2 hours, and now we have a completely fenced-in back yard. I opened the door for a little while so the cats could go outside, and they weren’t sure how to react. We’ve been in this house for almost a month, and they haven’t been able to go outside that entire time. Maybe they’ve forgotten that they ever were able. The spud has picked up THE MOST ANNOYING FUCKING HABIT of cracking her knuckles FIFTEEN THOUSAND TIMES IN A ROW, and she ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS does it where I can hear, and every time she does it, I bellow at the very top of my lungs "STOP THAT!!!!!", and she says "Oh! Sorry!", and yet six seconds later, she does it again. I think I’m going to sell her to the gypsies. I doubt I’ll be updating tomorrow before we leave for G’burg, and most likely I won’t be updating on Monday, either, since that’s the day we’re coming back. ]]>