Okay, I have an embarrassing confession (aside from the confession that I had to pop over to Merriam- Webster to make sure I spelled "embarrassing" correctly, which I had). Ready? Here goes:

I love the song "God Bless the USA." LOVE. IT. Every every EVERY time I hear it, it makes me all teary-eyed. And if they have dialogue in the instrumental parts? Kill me, ’cause it’s all over. I will burst into tears at the speed of light.

If you feel you must stop reading and unsubscribe from the notify list, I completely understand. And bite me. 🙂

So, after my shower this morn (just so you can adjust your Bitchypoo daily timeline if need be) I sat on the bed and turned the TV on (a rare thing – usually the TV doesn’t come on until 12:30, when I sometimes watch The Bold and the Beautiful (shut up), and then only for half an hour). I flipped by MTV and was amazed and enthralled that they were showing a video. I didn’t think they did that anymore!

Anyway, apparently a bunch of artists got together and recorded Marvin Gaye’s "What’s Going On" to benefit Aids research. Then September 11th happened, and they said "Oh, let’s have some of the money going to the September 11th fund, too!", and THEN Brittney Spears said "What about dogs and cats? Shouldn’t we benefit them too?", and they said "Oh yeah, let’s benefit the ASPCA while we’re at it", and then Michael Stipe threw a temper tantrum and reminded everyone that the "Freaky Bald Musicians Fund" was a respectable charity, and so they said "Oh, okay, we’ll send money there too!", and then P. Diddy put his foot down and said "What about the Musicians Who’ve Dated J.Lo? That’s a valid charity! ‘Cause once you see that ass nekkid, you’re ruined for other asses!", and then Fred Durst and the Backstreet Boys got into a slap fight, and it just degenerated into a big melee.

That’s a big lie, and that’s not even where I was going with that. What did I mean to say? Oh yeah, they showed the video, so I watched it, and while it wasn’t bad, there was too much background noise. I mean, if someone’s singing, let them sing and don’t be do-wopping and chattering in the background, ’cause it’s a messy sound and I don’t like it.

Oh wait, upon actually READING the site, I find that they cut five different versions of the song. Maybe that was the rap/ do-wop version. As you were.

Go check out the picture at the top of Say’s journal entry. The look on that kid’s face just cracks me up.

And while I’m sharing links, go read Kathy’s entry for today, specifically the italicized part that starts about halfway down.

Damn, it was cold out this morning. Fred had to actually turn the heat on when he got back from exercising. Even now, in the afternoon, I think it’s not much warmer than 55 outside. What sucks is that I got rid of all my long-sleeved shirts from last year, since they were too big, and so now all I really have are t-shirts. Luckily, I have a sweater from Land’s End to keep me warm.

I watched Someone Like You last weekend, and I have to say I really REALLY liked Ashley Judd’s hair. You thought I was going to say I really liked the movie, didn’t you? No, the movie was okay – I mean, Hugh Jackman! BAYbee! – but I was distracted by Ashley Judd’s strong resemblance to Toni Collette.

Anyway, I really REALLY liked her hair (oh, did I mention that?), and I’m thinking of going that way with my hair once I’ve come close to my goal weight (and the way things are going, that should be sometime in 3078). Fred will whine and moan ’cause he prefers long hair, but it ain’t his head, is it? No, it’s not. And he always bitches about the long hairs all over the place and the occasional long hair in his food, so this should help.

Maybe I should just shave my head.

Did y’all see The Practice Sunday night? That was a sweet little twist at the end. Amazingly enough, I didn’t see it coming. And the guy who played the Senator looked an awful lot like Gary Condit, Fred pointed out repeatedly.

Speaking of television shows, I taped Crossing Jordan last night, and I think I’ll go watch it before the spud gets home. I’m kinda iffy on Jill Hennessy, but the previews looked pretty good, so I think I’ll give it a chance.

Now All we are sayyyyyying is give Jill a chance… is going through my head, damnit.