Tonight’s the season premiere of Friends, woohoo! Y’all can just shut up with your "IIIIIII don’t watch Friends anymore, ’cause it just sucks so badly." It does not suck so badly, it’s wonderful and I love it, so just bite me.

Speaking of TV shows, can I just say that I really really really love Red Foreman? And Hyde? Fred likes Kelso, and I suspect that’s because he RELATES to Kelso. Oh, and we decided the other night that Donna looks much better with bangs. (We’re talking about That ’70s Show. Try to keep up, won’t you?)

Love Cruise premiered Tuesday, and there was another episode last night. I had to tape last night’s episode ’cause it was the same time as The Amazing Race, and both Race and Love Cruise just rocked. Why do I love reality shows so much? I don’t know, but I do know that when Survivor 3 premieres in October, I’ll be in hog heaven.

Lordy, this time next week I’ll be standing in line at Day Zero. And this time tomorrow I’ll be saying "Just think, this time next week I’ll be walking 20 miles!" And this time Saturday… Well, you get the point.

I still haven’t unrolled my brand-spankin’-new sleeping bag to test it out, nor have I tested out the blow-up (self-inflating!) sleeping mattress either. Living on the edge, that’s me. No doubt I’ll never get around to it, and on the first night of the 3Day, I’ll discover that I accidentally bought a kids’ sleeping bag that only comes up to about my waist, and that the air mattress doesn’t work.

Oh, remember when I introduced the word "dilemmanated" to y’all? If not, go back and read the entry. Anyway, that commercial came on the other night while we were watching TV, and I scared the bejesus out of all the cats by jumping up and running full-tilt to the computer room to grab the camera and then run back to the living room (the cats were all milling around with their backs arched and their tails puffy) to snap the picture of the kid as he stood there looking all dilemmanated:

"Duhhhh...what should I doooooo?"

Now tell the truth. Does that kid’s face just scream "dilemmanated", or what?

And because I don’t think y’all have seen enough cat pictures this month, here’s one for you:

This is what happens when we have shrimp for dinner. I was standing at the sink de-tailing raw shrimp, no cats in sight, when suddenly a herd of them ran into the kitchen and sat around looking as if they were starving to death. I have no idea why Miz Poo comes running when I’m peeling shrimp, ’cause she won’t eat any kind of human food. Cat food is the only thing she eats – aside from the occasional bug and grass – which is probably a good thing, ’cause otherwise she’d be even portlier than she currently is. Tubby and Spanky each got a small piece of shrimp. (Side note: every time I link to the cats’ pages, I have to sit and try to remember their real names, ’cause I’m a doofus like that)

Tubby snarfed his in half a second and started whining for more. Spanky hunkered over his piece and licked it, then chewed a little, then licked some more, all the while growling at invisible things. It takes him ten minutes to eat a teeny piece of shrimp, and usually about halfway through it, he grabs what’s left and runs away from whomever might be thinking of taking it away from him, growling all the while.

He’s such a freak. Just like his momma.