Lordy, how the hell did it get to be October already? The spud will be 13 on the 26th, and I have no idea what to get her. I mean, I know she’ll be more than happy to make me a long, long list and everything, but nothing comes to my mind at the moment.

Remember my list of resolutions back in January? And how one of them was to have my eyebrows and upper lip waxed? Well, I went and had that done today, and can I just say OUCH!? The actual waxing didn’t hurt, but once the waxing was over, the woman came at my eyebrows with a tweezer and since the only parts of my eyebrows that have seen a tweezer are the center, in order to prevent the lovely unibrow look, the skin under my eyebrows is tender and untouched. Once I left the spa (I had it done at a day spa, so very pampered wife of me, yes?), I came home and washed the soothing oil from my face and checked it out. Lordy, was I red and inflamed where she’d waxed the hair off. It hurt a lot, but as the day went on it stopped hurting as much, and now I’m not even terribly red or inflamed.

Heh. Checking out those resolutions, it appears that I’ve accomplished NONE of them aside from the waxing one. I really thought I was going to get off my ass and move Bitchypoo over to robynanderson.com? Ah, so naive I can be sometimes…

We watched Blow this weekend, and it was the oddest thing. For the first half of the movie Johnny Depp played George Jung, and then suddenly Fred looked up and said "When did Christopher Walken take over the role?" It was incredible. One second, Johnny Depp, the next, Christopher Walken. The movie wasn’t bad, though Penelope Cruz is a point of contention between Fred and I. I think she’s beautiful (which doesn’t mean I’m a big fan or anything – I don’t really like her much), and Fred thinks she’s the most hideous, ugliest, vomit-inducing creature on the face of the earth. It’s funny how two people can look at the same thing and see it differently, isn’t it?

Speaking of Penelope Cruz, Fred and I had a discussion, right after he went on at length about her hideousness.

"I can’t believe Tom Cruise is dating her!" he said.

Do y’all think there’s really a relationship there? It seems both way too soon, and way too in-your-face to be anything more than a publicity thing. I think that it’s entirely possible that whatever reason caused Tom to file for divorce is something that pissed him off so that he wants to hurt Nicole very badly. The whole Penelope Cruz thing doesn’t really match the semi-private way Tom Cruise has lead his life for as long as I can remember.

And the whole Cruz/ Cruise thing is just gag-worthy.

We watched Alias last night, and I liked it a lot. And after watching the whole show, what did I get picky about? Not the part where she successfully broke into the whatever-it-was embassy (was it an embassy?) and stole whatever the hell it was, kicking the shit out of scads of men. No, apparently I felt that entirely believable. No, I took issue when she walked into the CIA.

"How did she know who to ask for?" I demanded of Fred. "And how did she know to say to tell him it was a walk-in?" Fred came up with explanations – "Maybe, since she thought she was working for the CIA, she knew some of the procedures." But that’s just flimsy. I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy that she’d fly back to the states from Taipei with dried blood on her chin, without wiping it off at some point.

I liked the show a lot, though, and I think it’ll make a good addition to my regular lineup.

I spent a good part of the day – when not cleaning or having my face waxed – obsessing over what I need to pack for the 3Day, and worrying about the fact that I’m having a hard time fitting everything I need in my fanny pack. I’m also worrying about the fact that my duffle bag is so damn big. I packed most of the clothes I’ll be bringing into the bag, and there’s plenty of room for a pillow or two, which is a relief. I need pillows to sleep decently, and I was worried that I wouldn’t have room or weight to spare (there’s a 35-pound weight limit), but at this point with only some shoes and a sweater to pack, I have 17 pounds to spare. Sweet!

Okay, I’m off to read over my 3Day booklet to be sure I’m not forgetting something, and obsess some more. Y’all have a good one!