I slept like a rock. I think I fell asleep less than five minutes after I laid down, and I barely moved all night long, except for the two times I woke up to roll over and fall back asleep. It’s amazing what sleeping poorly three nights in a row, followed by a 20.92 mile walk and a twisted ankle will do, isn’t it?

Miz Poo was happy to have me home, as evidenced by the fact that she curled up behind my knees and slept there (I assume) all night long.

Around 8:30, Fred came in to see if I was still alive and to suggest I roll my lazy ass out of bed (no nasty emails to the man, please. He was joking. I think.). I tossed back the covers and sat up.

Holy mother of god. Every fucking muscle in my body was screaming. My ankle was probably the least painful part of my body. Muscles I didn’t even know existed were making me aware of their existence. My feet hurt so badly I could barely walk, aside from the sprained ankle. I took a long, hot bath, concentrating the jets on the worst of my aching muscles – namely, my thigh and ass muscles, if you must know – and still when I got out of the bathtub I could barely walk. I dressed in sweatpants and a loose-fitting t-shirt, and settled on the couch with my ankle elevated and with the occasional bag of ice on it, and called for Fred to do my bidding while I read magazines and snoozed.

As the day went on, I popped aspirin and did a lot of sleeping, but my muscles continued to hurt, and so I didn’t move around much. Thinking back, I’m wondering if I would have even been able to walk Saturday, with all the pain I was in, ASIDE from the ankle.

At one point, I sent out an email to the notify list whining and moaning about how god doesn’t like a braggart, to which many, many people responded, saying things like "Shut up and quit your whining. You walked 21 miles, didn’t you?!" and "There’s always next year!" How I love my readers. Especially those who can outbitch the bitchypoo. 🙂

When I woke up Sunday (I know this entry is under Saturday’s date, but I’m not going to make a completely different entry for Sunday, when all I’m going to say is – ) the pain had moved from my feet and legs, to my back, shoulders and neck. I was still moving in a hobble-like manner, but once I took a long, hot shower I loosened up a tad, and was able to move a little better. There was still plenty of whining and moaning about how much I hurt, and commanding Fred to fetch and carry for me, but by Sunday evening I was almost walking normally, and my ankle was only the slightest bit sore.

I was a little sad when I looked at the clock at 3:00 and said "Closing ceremony’s going on right now…", because that would have been an awesome thing to see.

Monday, I was only the slightest sore in my shoulders, back and ankle. I continued to not do a lot aside from beginning work on my journal entries recapping the 3Day (the 1Day!).

So, that’s that. At this point, I think I’m probably going to crew a 3Day (not necessarily in Atlanta; perhaps some other location) in 2002, and then hit the Atlanta 3Day in 2003, and actually walk all those 60 miles. By then, if I’m not at my goal weight I’ll eat my hat and walk the damn thing anyway. I’ve lost a lot of weight since last year, but I’m still carrying around a lot more than I should – and more than I will be by the end – and that can’t have helped, even though I trained like hell.

Thank you all for your kind words, and for sponsoring me, of course. I appreciate it more than you guys can ever know.