Ignore the hair. I’d just gotten done exercising, and hadn’t yet taken a shower.

Y’all, what the hell’s in cashmere? Gold? Why the fuck’s it so expensive? Damn, $135 for a sweater? I don’t mind spending money on myself, but I won’t be spending that damn much money on a sweater that’ll get covered with cat hair in the end, anyway.

Damn. $135!

Agh! $245! Who pays money like that for a casual type sweater?! Are they CRAZY?

$318! God in heaven, has the WORLD GONE NUTS? Do people really spend that much on clothes when for $10 you could buy a mile-long length of fabric and just drape it over your ass?

I believe I’ll leave the Land’s End page, thankyouverymuch.

I guess you really get what you pay for, though. JustMySize was having an awesome sale, so I purchased a couple of $15 sweaters, and when they got here, I liked them until I wore one for about half an hour, when I realized that if I so much as thought about brushing up against something, thousands of pills appeared on the damn sweater. So I sent them back. I guess I’ll just make do with my one single sweater this winter, since I’d hate to spend $50 or more on a decent sweater and not have it fit for long.

From an email to Moira:

And speaking of Fred, I believe it’s time for you to nominate me for sainthood. His back? Which has been hurting? Which he devoted a few entries to? Perhaps you heard? I heard about NOTHING BUT his back for, like, a WEEK STRAIGHT, and I patiently pretended to listen and nodded sympathetically when he told me EVERY THREE MINUTES “Wow, my back hurts. My back hurts. My back hurts. It’s like an ACHE, and then when I do THIS, it hurts even more. Hm. My back really hurts.” Not once did I scream “DID YOU THINK ABOUT TAKING AN ASPIRIN?!?!”, not even once.

I believe that that right there qualifies me for sainthood, don’t you? And then he was going ON and ON about how he could lift weights if he didn’t target his back (“It hurts when I move this way, but not when I move THAT way”), and it’s been 512 DAYS straight that he’s been exercising, and so finally I went on at length about how he should NOT EXERCISE for JUST A FEW DAYS, and you’d think I’d suggested he kill his mother. The HORROR, Moira, the HORROR of taking a few days off, I thought he was going to divorce me for suggesting such a thing.

And then? He decides to take a few days off. And acts like it was his own idea all along.

I’ll be expecting a call from the Pope here soon, telling me that I may forever be known as Saint Robyn. Hm. Perhaps Saint Bitchypoo would suit me better, ya think?

Man. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is Thursday. How’d that happen?

This year, instead of doing our own little Thanksgiving at home with Fred, the spud, and I, as we have done for the last three years, Fred FOR SOME REASON accepted an invitation to his sister’s house, to have dinner with she and her family and his mom and stepfather. Oh, except maybe not, because his sister then called to suggest that we show up for an early meal with their mom and stepfather, and then sit around her house for several hours, and then have another meal with their dad and stepmother. I love and adore this idea. LOVE IT. Thuh-rilled. Yep. Can’t wait!

I watched Crazy/ Beautiful the other night. It wasn’t bad, though it dragged a little. It was a little better back in ’95 when it starred Drew Barrymore and Chris O’Donnell, I think. We also watched Shrek over the weekend, though I hadn’t planned on watching it with Fred and the spud, but got sucked in while I was eating lunch, and I enjoyed it a lot. Fred pointed out that when they made Princess Fiona ugly, they made her fat as well.

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, I’d like to say BUH-BYE to the latest castaway voted off Survivor. Nothin’ coulda made me happier.

Did anyone else happen to watch The Bernie Mac Show last week? We hadn’t planned on watching it, but as I recall, there was nothing else on we both wanted to watch, so we thought we’d check out the first few minutes. I was blown away by how damn funny it was! They showed two shows back-to-back, and in the second show, the kids (Bernie’s raising his sister’s three children) got sick, and once they started getting better, Bernie got sick. He was home sick, and had to take care of the youngest child, and he was sitting on the couch with her, and she proclaimed that she was going to read him a story, and as she starting making up her story while looking at the book, they showed the funniest damn scene I’ve ever seen in a sitcom. As she went on and on, the hands of the clock flew around, and the seasons changed, and at the end, an old man was sitting where Bernie had been sitting with a stone-faced, resigned expression on his face, and the little girl was still talking. Fred and I were just howling, because that is EXACTLY WHAT IT’S LIKE.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was a stay-at-home Mom for most of the spud’s childhood, and there were plenty of magical moments, moments that I thought to myself "I’m going to remember this forever!", but there were also many MANY "I’m going to read to you Mommy!" moments, where the child yammered on and on and I sat and pretended to listen while mentally calculating the time remaining until she left for college.

In any case, I hope the show continues to be as entertaining, and I highly recommend it.