Huh. I didn’t get online until after 12:30 (central time!) today, and the world didn’t stop and mourn me or anything. I don’t know if I like that.

See something on the floor? Lay on it.

First things first – Athena is preg-o-nant. Woohoo! I’m so damn excited – I keep saying "I can’t believe Athena’s pregnant! That’s so cool!", and Fred keeps looking at me like I’m a freak. Business as usual, in other words.

I got up fairly early this morning to get my exercise done before 8:30, so I could watch 1 1/2 episodes of ER. Channel 30 – I have no idea what station that is shows old episodes of ER back to back every morning at 8 and 9. They’re also showing them in order, which is cool. Carter just decided that he wants to be an ER doc instead of a surgeon, and Benton’s kid was just born, if that gives you any idea of what’s going on. I have no idea what season it is. I noticed this morning while I was watching the 9:00 episode between showering and blow-drying my hair that the actress who played Carla (and Renee on Ally McBeal) used to be so damn pretty before whatever happened to her happened. She just got kinda weird last year, remember? Drugs, I think.


The spud and I left the house at 10 to go to Target, where we wandered aimlessly around the store and then she went off to look at girly lipgloss stuff, and I picked up a couple of boxes of kitty litter (we use the Arm & Hammer brand, and Target’s the only store around here that carries the 30-pound boxes, so I had to stock up for a couple of weeks), a red chenille sweater (a purchase I’ll no doubt be regretting the first time I wash it), and a wreath and red bow.

For the past two or three years we’ve ordered a live wreath from LL Bean for the front door, but after we ordered and received ours last year, I decided that it was sheer lunacy to buy LIVE wreaths which die after a few months, when for less than half the price you can get a decent fake wreath, and use it for years. It’s not like many people come to our front door and you can’t tell from the street whether it’s fake or real, so it’s all good.

After leaving Target – the skinny teenage cashier got a real workout hauling that 30-pound box of litter across the scanner, believe you me – we went to Michael’s, which recently opened right across from Target. We picked up stuff for the spud to make soap (I have her make stuff to give for christmas to all the relatives – she usually paints ornaments, but by the time she’s done one or two of them, she gets bored and slaps the paint on them, and they look like crap, not that the relatives would ever admit that. This year, she’s making beaded ornaments and soap, both of which are difficult to screw up.), some cross-stitching stuff, and cellophane to wrap the soap in.

Then it was home to peel 49 (slight exaggeration) sweet potatoes, boil, drain, and mash them for Fred, who’ll be making sweet potato casserole for tomorrow, along with his specialty, coconut cake. Mmmm, sweet potato casserole. Mmmm, coconut cake. Mmmm, Thanksgiving!

And now I’m sitting on my ass in front of the computer, which I will most likely do for another hour or so, until I get kinda caught up on my forum and journal reading, whereupon I will wander about the house and look for something else to do.

It don’t get any better than that, nosir.

Americans, have an excellent Thanksgiving. The rest of you, have an excellent Thursday.