So, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here in BitchyLand, we are going to be getting ourselves new computers, and soon. Our current computers are (horrors!) two years old, and I’ve been bitching loudly for several months about the slowness of mine, and so Himself decided to order the pieces for truly kickass computers, and the pieces have started coming in, so he and someone longtime readers know as Tex have started to put them together. They’re just waiting on the blah-blah and the blah-blah to arrive, and then they’ll be done. Woohoo! Fast computers at a fraction of the store-bought price.

Thankyajeezus for hooking me up with a geek.

Rumor has it that I may even be getting a 19-inch monitor as well one of these days, which would also be rockin’.

The problem (and there’s ALWAYS a problem with me, isn’t there?) is that I need to start backing up all my shit – I have quite a hefty picture folder on this here machine – and given the choice, I’d burn everything to cds, since this computer DOES have a cd burner and all.

Except (and there’s ALWAYS an "except") that the fucking thing doesn’t work. So I can save everything to FLOPPIES (which should only take, I dunno, 48906 floppies), or I can ftp everything up to my server (which should only take 9955 days) and then re-download everything onto the new computer.

Decisions, decisions. They both sound like so much FUN.

Ooh, and we’re getting a new scanner, too, since the one we have puts a weird yellow and green stripe down the side of everything I scan. Merry Christmas to ME!

We’ve slowly started decorating for Christmas. Well. *I* have slowly started decorating for Christmas. We have electric candles in all the windows (which I just did today), and I’ve started putting Christmas decorations on the mantel. Perhaps I can get Fred to put the tree together in the next few days.

This year, if I haven’t mentioned, we’re going to put the tree in the study – in front of the big window – and then shut the door to the study so the cats can’t get to, and ruin, any ornaments. This will be traumatic for Spot and Fancypants, who both like to sit in front of that window and watch the street at night, but they’ll get over it.

And hopefully their getting over it won’t involve any angry piles of poo left outside the study door. Little bastards.

Speaking of the cats, have I ever mentioned that my cats are just dumb as ass? Dumb. As. Ass.

The weather has been rainy but warm for the last few days, and so I left the back door open all day long yesterday. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch, when Tubby started doing his chattering thing. I looked over, and he was sitting inside, staring at two birds who were standing on the patio, and chattering his stupid head off. Miz Poo then chimed in with her own whiny, high-pitched chattering. The entire time, the door was halfway open, and either of them could have gone out there to catch the birds (or at least try), but it never occurred to either of them.

The birds enjoy hopping around our patio, because the dish of dog food and water that were there when we had the dog (it’s been, what, two weeks now?) are still there, and the birds apparently are rather fond of dog food. I thought that once it rained and the dog food got wet, they’d give up and go back to the bird feeders, but they haven’t – instead, they pick pieces of wet dog food out of the dish and eat them anyway.

A few weeks ago, Fred was sitting at his computer some time in the early morning, and he glanced over at the window, the one facing the front yard, and Spot was sitting there, all casual-like. Obviously, he’d hopped the fence and decided to look around. Fred went over to the window (Spot was looking elsewhere) and put his face right up to the window, then tapped on it. Spot looked around and then did a big jump and ran off.

There’s just nothing as much fun as startling a cat and seeing it jump.

I went to the Hallmark store today and spent more than I’d intended to on cards and a Christmas ornament. While there, I purchased a couple of small Yankee Candles, one in christmas cookie scent, and the other in buttercream. The buttercream was one of the smaller ones, and what I assumed was a tealight size. When I got home, I found that it wasn’t a candle at all, but was in fact something called a "potpourri tart." I suppose I have to buy a potpourri warmer to use the damn thing, don’t I? What a scam.

I’ve been cleaning and organizing around here lately, and it looks as though either tomorrow or Thursday (depending on when I get off my butt and get the pictures taken), there’s going to be another big Bitchypoo Giveway™! Oh, there’s all kinds of neat stuff, y’all will not be disappointed, believe you me.

Man, I love giving cool stuff away.