But for now, I love it.

The mouse is one of those new-fangled ones without the ball inside to collect dust and other nastiness. As I said to Fred, "What will I do now that I don’t have to clean dust off my ball?" Oh, I slay me.

I also love, though have not yet laid hands upon it, our new scanner. No weird yellow and green stripes on the side of things I’ve scanned! It’s on it’s way from Alpharetta, Georgia, and will hopefully be here early next week. Kickass! I plan to do something along the lines of scan all the pictures I have on albums and put them on a cd, but that’s going to be some seriously time-consuming stuff. Maybe I’ll make it my New Year’s Resolution for next year.

So, how much did it suck to sit down all excited about the fact that Survivor was about to start and then find out it was a recap of everything that had happened up ’til now? SUCK. Man, I was pissed. What made it worse is that I had seen, not two hours earlier, a commercial for it that was nothing but A BIG FAT BLATANT LIE, about how Lex is on the hunt to find out who voted for him.

Lex is getting on my nerves.

At least Temptation Island was on, so I got my trash fix. Tony, of Genevieve and Tony, is about the most annoying man in the world to me right now, and I’m not sure why. I just canNOT stand him for some reason. My prediction thus far is that Catherine and Edmundo, and perhaps Thomas and Nikkole are the likeliest to break up at the end.

SOMEONE better break up, or I won’t be watching Temptation Island 3, that’s for sure.

Speaking of trash tv, on The Amazing Race, I can’t believe FUCKING Team Guido made it the other night. Those two have the most incredible damn luck, the bastards. And Drew and Kevin were pretty much my favorites – I didn’t like ’em at first, but they really grew on me. My favorite line of the night was when one of them – I don’t know which is which, to be honest – said "My testicle is rolling around the streets of Beijing!", followed closely by "Eat, you fat bastard!"

Team Guido, I hate you.

Did you see when they were in the market, and Drew and Kevin were in front of the Guidos, and one said "Slow them down!", so the other was walking as slowly as possible to do so, and the Guido (hell, I don’t know which is which for them, either) got a pissed-off and disgusted and "This is so childish!" look on his face? Conveniently, he forgot about shoving Emily’s Mom at the airport so they’d miss their plane a few weeks ago.


Okay, moving on.

You know what? "Mmmm-hmmm" is NEVER an appropriate response when you’re in the service industry and your customer says "Thank you." NEVER. "Mmmm-hmmm" means "Yeah, whatever, asshole." THE APPROPRIATE RESPONSE would be either "Thank YOU!", or "You’re welcome! Have a nice evening!" I worked in the service industry, and we would have gotten our asses kicked for saying "Mmmm-hmmm" to a customer.

Damn Dairy Queen teenage worker. "Mmmm-hmmm" my ass.

Which is where that ice cream is heading as I speak.