I was thrilled like you wouldn’t believe to wake up and look outside and see actual SUNSHINE, instead of the crappy, overcast, rainy weather we’ve had for the past two weeks. I had started to believe we were in the beginning of a Nuclear Winter, and was poised to take over the world as Queen and Supreme Ruler (it’s really only a matter of time, you know), but I guess I can put THOSE plans on the back burner.

Man, I wish they’d just show an entire season of Felicity, instead of showing a few shows in the fall and then a few in the spring. It’s getting old, people! I want my Felicity when I want it, not when you feel like providing it, damnit!

I still haven’t watched the series premiere episode of Felicity that I got off eBay months ago. I have a bad habit of ordering movies I absolutely MUST have, and then not watching them. I got both My Life’s in Turnaround and If Lucy Fell more than a year ago and haven’t watched either of ’em. I have to save something for my old age, right?

My old age is rapidly approaching. Three weeks, and I turn 34. How did that happen, may I ask?

Today was a slow, boring, nothing day. I went to the post office (all the packages are mailed. Yeehaw!), the movie store (rented Moulin Rouge), and the grocery store (although Fred gets groceries on Saturday, there’s always a mile-long list by Tuesday), skipped my 11:00 meal (because I wasn’t home), had Wendy’s for lunch (grilled chicken sandwich and their new Spring Mix salad with – ahem – blue cheese dressing), sat around after I ate lunch getting cold because the back door was open for most of the day so Themselves could go out and play in the still-wet grass, took a hot bath, read, and made dinner.

The usual excitement.

Stuff that desperately needs to be done, but I didn’t do: Update Quickbooks with all the 1,003 purchases I made whilst Christmas shopping last week, vacuum both the upstairs and downstairs, clear off my desk, work on rearranging the site, write an interesting entry. Heh.

The spud has half a day of school tomorrow – they get out at 11:30 – and then she’s on vacation until January 7th. Isn’t that just the most ridiculous thing? And they get that much time and more every year – this is nothing new. By the third day, she’ll be dying of boredom and I’ll be ready to strangle her. Oh, happy HAPPY holidays. Maybe I’ll take her out for Chinese food for lunch Friday, and to a movie. Maybe not. Depends on how nice I’m feeling.

Okay, I’ll bore y’all no more with my boring-ass yammerings. See you tomorrow for more of the same!