Y’know, I was responding to email earlier today, and I started to notice that I have the tendency to put a freakin’ exclamation point at the end! of! every! sentence! What can I say? Emailing gets me all excited.

I must be nuts. I’m actually contemplating going out shopping tomorrow to Sam’s, which will be packed to the gills with last-minute shoppers. But Fred needs creamer for his coffee, and I need paper towels and sponges, so out to Sam’s I shall go. The spud will be happy about that, since she’s already bored and asking, every five minutes, "Are we going anywhere today? Tomorrow? Saturday?"

Fucking Amazon. I swear to y’all I am NOT shopping Amazon next fucking year. Not only do they ignore it when you say "Ship everything TOGETHER, you stupid assholes", but they also only bill you for each item as they ship it, and so instead of one nice, neat charge of, say, $75, there are 7 or 8 charges, one for each item. Which is all well and good if you’re using your credit card, but if you’re using your debit card and use Quicken to track your finances, it’s pretty fucking difficult to figure out.


Oh, and a word of advice, people. If you’re going to order your bitchy wife a surprise for her stocking, don’t use your debit card, because when the charge to Perfumes America shows up when she checks the checking account online, she’ll know the surprise you got her for her stocking, and therefore, it won’t be a surprise. And she really likes surprises.

Further, STOP forgetting to give her the receipts when you rent movies or get gas, ’cause it’s very annoying.

So, I zoned out last night, watching Bernie Mac (that show sure does crack me up), and forgot to start the vcr in the other room to tape Felicity. Around 8:35, I glanced at the clock and yelled "Oh SHIT!" Since Fred wasn’t interested in watching Titus, I turned to Felicity and watched the rest of it.

You know, I don’t see how Ben can forgive Felicity for cheating with Noel so easily. I mean, it’s only been a few weeks since he found out. Is it because he slept with that chick the other week, so he feels that he’s gotten his revenge and can get past it? That’s one fucked-up relationship they have, there. I mean, I’m glad to see them back together, because I want Felicity to be happy*, but I just don’t get it.

Did anyone (assuming anyone reading this watches Felicity) else notice that when Felicity was doing the crossword puzzle and the clue was “12 letters, really bad show”, that Dawson’s Creek would have fit? And oddly, that was the first show that popped into my mind.

Surviiiiiiiivor tonight, woohoo! (Who needs to get a life? Not ME!)