Friday Five:

1. What do you have your browser start page set to? Google, because I use it 50 times a day to search on stupid things. If I get bored, I search on phrases that come to mind, or on the names of people I went to high school with.

2. What are your favorite news sites? Honest to god, I never read the news. If something big is going on, Fred will send me a link or call me. If I want to find out more information on a current news event, I might check out CNN or MSNBC, or even one of the local news stations’ web page.

3. Favorite search engine? Google. Is there anything else?

4. When did you first get online? January 1996, after buying a decrepit 286 from my friend Liz’s then-(asshole) husband, for $50. There was something wrong with it so that I couldn’t install Prodigy, so I ended up signing up with a local BBS (I was in Rhode Island at the time) and getting online that way. From there, I stumbled, somehow, on to mIRC, and spent probably 18 hours a day chatting. I gave that computer to my Dad when the spud and I moved to Alabama, and going from that computer to a halfway decent one – ie, Fred’s – was like night and day. I spent all day long on mIRC while he was at work, before I got a job, which finally spurred him to add a second phone line. Poor Fred. Now I hardly ever go on chat.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I planned to do pretty much what I always plan to do – a whole lotta nothing. In fact, I stayed away from the computer except for about an hour Sunday night, because I wanted to get caught up on my magazine reading, which I did. I also watched The Stand with Fred and the spud on Saturday and Sunday, and we’ll finish it up today. I think they did an excellent job on the miniseries, but they could have used some help with the casting – Laura San Giacomo as Nadine was about the worst thing they could have done. Gary Sinise was a great choice for Stu, but Molly fucking RINGWALD as Fran? I think not. And didn’t they read the book? Didn’t they know that Harold was supposed to be fat? Of course, the funny thing about all my bitching is that I’m sure Stephen King had a hand in the casting, and he was probably thrilled to get Laura San Giacomo as Nadine, but I just can’t stand her – she really rubs me the wrong way and is the sole reason I don’t watch Just Shoot Me. Just so you know.

* * *

Here would be yet another attempt at getting a picture of Miz Poo and I, using the self-timer on the camera:

Miz Poooooooo.... Miz Pooooooo....

She looks a tad disgusted, doesn’t she? I shall not stop until I get a good picture of the two of us!

* * *

So, I spent most of Friday feeling kind of sad. I guess it started Thursday night, when I watched Temptation Island, and got mad at everyone on there, because they’re all such idiots. I mean, why do I watch this show? It pisses me off, every time. The guys see that the girls are having fun, and it ticks them off, so they decide that THEY are going to "raise the bar," which will only piss off the girls when they see what’s going on, and on and on it goes. Just a bunch of idiots, is what they are. And the female singles get all possessive of the guys and trash-talk about the girlfriends, and I just don’t get that.


And then Friday morning I settled down to watch Glitter, with the full intent – as I mentioned – of making fun of it, but you know what? I just don’t have the heart. Mariah Carey obviously put her heart into that film, and tried her hardest, and it’s just a bad, bad movie. Not even campy bad – just bad. The only redeeming quality being that she didn’t hit those high, screechy notes more than a few times, for which my ears thank her.

As I mentioned about in the Friday Five, I caught up on my magazines this weekend. In one of them, US, I saw the scariest and most bewildering sight ever:

Holy crap. What was she thinking?! Probably "If a little cleavage is good, the whole damn boob is even better!"

Wrong on that one, Brigitte. Trust me.