Himself‘s site about my death or the death of a near-and-dear one, then you can pretty much be guaranteed that I wanted to take the week off for the hell of it. My claim was that I was taking the week off to get caught up on email and get my desk area organized. Which I didn’t. I did get a lot of reading done, though, so it’s all good. I’m mostly caught up on the email (I did a lot of emailing over the weekend), and I’m vowing to not let it get so backed up ever again. Ha. So, remember back in January when I was jealously coveting Lis’s scaredy mug? Well, the spud and I went out for some not-great, not-bad chinese food Friday night, and as we walked out of the restaurant, I realized that if I tried to sit down without walking around and letting my food digest, I would likely hurl, or fall asleep on the drive home. “Want to check out the dollar store?” I asked the spud. It was that, or the incredibly-overpriced antique store, and I wasn’t up for spending six zillion bucks on an antique postcard. Or being followed around by an ultra-helpful salesclerk. The spud was up for the dollar store, of course, so in we went. I wasn’t two feet inside the door when I saw them. You just can’t fight with the power of the bitchypoo. I wanted it, and the universe made sure to put it in my path. A dollar a mug – what a bargain! I love the dollar store. Poor Spanky. No matter where he goes, Fancypants just has to follow and sit too close, looking all fancy and fluffy and annoying the hell out of Spanky. Spanky will be sitting happily on the back of the couch, and sooner or later, Fancypants comes swishing up and sits down as close as possible. A few weeks ago Fancypants did just that, and Spanky sat there looked disgusted until he couldn’t stand it any longer, and then he jumped over to the kitchen table and sat there for, I kid you not, at least fifteen minutes sending hate rays directly into Fancypants’ brain. The other day, Spanky was laying amongst the extension cords in the computer room, minding his own business, snoozing, when Fancypants had to come invade his space. Spanky sat there looking disgusted for several minutes before running away. Something on the floor? Sit on it. (Okay, that picture doesn’t really follow the rules of “see something on the floor? sit on it”, since technically (yes, I made up these rules myself) it doesn’t count if they’re sitting on something that belongs on the floor, such as a rug, but the picture cracks me up, ’cause Miz Poo looks drugged in a big way) 1. What’s your favorite vacation spot? We rather like Gatlinburg, and we’ll be going back in a few months. I also really liked Florida – Fred and I went five years ago for the 4th of July, while the spud was in Maine. I’ve been trying to drag him back ever since. Maybe this summer… 2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth? The Atlanta airport, though their gift shops are nice (though pricey as hell, as befits an airport gift shop). 3. What would be your dream vacation? I’d love to go to the Bahamas or Scotland. Or hell, a trip across Europe works for me. My friend Liz wants me to go to England with her next year, and that would be cool. Basically, ANYWHERE would be nice, except for maybe the Middle East. 4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why? Debbie, since I know we’re compatible when driving long distances in the car We could drive to Michigan and pick up Moira! (Actually, Fred popped into my mind, but how sad and pathetic would it be to pick my husband?) 5. What are your plans for this weekend? A little exercising, a little cleaning, a little napping, and plenty of sitting on my ass. Mission accomplished! I am currently experiencing the hots for Ronan Keating from Boyzone. Oh, baybeeeeeeeee. (You just shut up) ]]>