So, I’m doing March’s collab, which is to type anything that comes into your mind for 7 minutes.

I thought about just leaving this entire entry blank, with "Time’s up" at the bottom. Hee – I slay me!

I took the spud to Sam’s today, and I’m telling you, old people are going to be the death of me. Specifically, old people who BLOCK THE FUCKING AISLES with their carts. I sighed and rolled my eyes so often that I almost blacked out with the effort of it. What the hell is up with people BLOCKING THE FUCKING AISLES with their carts? Personally, I make a point of moving my cart to the side so that people can GET THE FUCK AROUND ME. But then, I’m not a rude idiot.

Oh wait – yes I am.

Which reminds me, speaking of rude idiots, I was at the grocery store last week after picking up an emergency 12-pack of Diet Coke, and as I was headed for my Jeep, I saw a woman come out, a bagger pushing her cart full of bags. She opened her trunk and got into the driver’s seat, waited for the bagger to put her groceries in the trunk, and then drove off.

In MY world, we always help the bagger with the bags, it just seems polite. Is it just me? (That’s a rhetorical question)

Nance got a new car over the weekend, the lucky bitch, a sweet little Dodge Intrepid. *I* want a car. Think she’ll trade her car for my SUV? 🙂

Damn. Two minutes left to go, and my mind is blank.

Fred cleared out one of the front flower beds this weekend, hurting his shoulder in the process, but it was worth (to me) the pain, since the bed is now cleaned out and can be filled with petunias and whatever else strikes my fancy. We want to fill the other front flowerbed with rose bushes, but Fred’s father and stepmother are of the opinion that it’d look funny. I don’t care if it looks funny to other people, personally, because nothing is as boring to me as plain green bushes in front of your house. Snore. Besides, I really like rose bushes.

Um. Blank mind, blank mind.

Time’s up.

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