First off, if you messaged me last night on Yahoo Messenger and I didn’t respond, it’s because I’m an idiot and wasn’t sure how to – I clicked on "accept" and waited for a window to pop up, and none ever did – does that mean I was only being added to the buddy list (or whatever Yahoo calls it), or was there supposed to be a message window popping up? It’s a mystery. Also, I was talking to several people on AIM when I got kicked off and couldn’t get back on. God, it’s frustrating when that happens. Damn AOL. Damn them!

I was chatting with Miz Baldie last night before Fred hauled me off to bed (in a non-sexual "It’s getting late, Bessie!" way), and it occurred to me that I haven’t told y’all the story about how my parents found out about Fred.

Y’see, when I told my parents I was moving to Alabama, I told them I was moving because I’d gotten a job in Huntsville, which was a big, bad lie, and that with the help of my new supervisor at my fictional job, I’d found an apartment, conveniently leaving out the fact that someone else would be living there with us.

We moved down here at the beginning of August, settled in, and spoke to my parents each Sunday night (which we still do). I didn’t mention Fred to my parents, and neither did the spud. We went along this way until one Sunday in October. The spud was talking to my mother, and said "Fred made pancakes this morning."




"Our roommate."

Well, the jig was up, although my parents didn’t know for sure (though they suspected) that Fred and I were a couple, but since my mother never asked me point-blank "Are you and Fred a COUPLE?", I never offered up the information.