Creamy Harvest Pasta. I liked it a lot, but Fred didn’t, because it didn’t have meat in it. He’s a meat and potatoes kinda guy. Baby romaine salad with honey-mustard dressing. Just so you know, this bowl is NOT the same size as the one above. In fact, it’s about a quarter of the size. I should start sizing the pictures to reflect that, shouldn’t I? I got a spam from someone at Bust yesterday, "reminding" me about, to quote from the email, a special offer from BUST magazine and bust.com. It’s called “The BUSTshop,” and it’s a program we designed specifically for smaller companies and artists with limited ad budgets, to help them get the best exposure for their advertising dollar. For just $250, you get an ad in BUST magazine, read by over 300,000 hip, smart women ages 18-34, and you ALSO get a 120×60 pixel web button on www.bust.com–our award-winning website with over 250,000 visitors a month!–for the full three months that the magazine is on the newsstands. (The button ad alone is worth over $1,000—so this combo is a great deal!) I have to agree, it sounds like quite a bargain. But what is it I’m supposed to be selling? Tubby? (Oh wait, I’ve already got a buyer for Tubby, if Fred would let me sell him!) Hey, speaking of Tubby, here’s another old picture of him I found last week: I was in the grocery store yesterday, doing the mid-week shopping (Fred does the big shopping trip on Saturday mornings (though I did it this past Saturday), but we always manage to run out of a bunch of stuff between Tuesdays and Saturdays), when I saw a couple of really cute plants: I wanted to buy them, so I did. Even though "plants" wasn’t on the list and neither was "useless shit we neither need nor have room for." So there! That’s a Gloxinia on the left, and – according to the tag – a Hypoestes on the right. I’m a copycat, because Nance bought a white-and-green Hypoestes a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wanting one ever since. (Hey look, Nance! Backup to my claim that they get "leggy" after a while!) And, because I feel like I haven’t shared NEARLY enough kitty pictures with you lately and I don’t want you to go into withdrawal: Shortly before he kicked his hind legs up into the air and started licking furiously like the perv he is. Almost looks there might be a flash of intelligence in there, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled. Sittin’ on the bookcase and pondering the birds outside. I’m waiting for the dishwasher repairman to get his butt here. Our dishwasher, over the past few months, has started to not drain all the way at the end of it’s cycle. Fred finally called Mr. Rooter, who came, looked, and claimed it was because we hadn’t run the garbage disposal, and food in there was blocking it. $65 for that bullshit. Bargain, eh? Since then, I’ve been getting the dishwasher to drain by hitting "start" and then "reset". That worked for a few weeks, but as of today, it ain’t workin’ anymore. I’ve probably broken it or something, and we’ll have to lay out $24,349.53 to buy a new one, and it’ll all be MY fault. Gah. This is why it takes hours to write an entry sometimes. Because I have to reach around a portly Poo.]]>