Isn’t it gorgeous how green everything is? Part of what I love about going to get our chickens is the drive through Hartselle, which to me is the perfect small town. The other thing I really like is how much land the people who raise the chickens we buy have. The driveway to their house always seems endless. The dog, who likes to keep an eye on everything. He is, as Fred would say, a DAWG. He walked over, sniffed at our tires, and then wandered off into the woods. One of the chickens running around. This is a family pet, I guess, because the chickens they sell are kept in a pasture, but this one and a couple of others are allowed to run around and eat the dog’s food, and there’s even a little swimming pool for them. They have a pet duck, but it wasn’t around this time. This is the swimming pool, but not the one I mentioned above for the chickens – that one is a small blue one. I wonder how they keep the duck out of the pool, or if they do. Near the house, there’s a little playhouse. Cute, isn’t it? I’d kinda like one of these for myself! As we were driving away, we spotted a rabbit. Of course, we got all excited and had to stop and take a picture, because we’re dorks. You can’t really see him, but he’s sitting near the base of the tree, on the right side of the tree. There’s a closeup below. Okay people, you got your picture. Move it along… More gorgeous scenery. Horses! These horses aren’t part of the farm where we got the chickens, but we passed them on the same road. I swear to you, these horses were all looking in my direction one second, and the next they all had their asses pointed toward me. This guy lifted his head and looked at me a couple of times, but do you suppose I managed to get a picture of it? Of course not. Hay! Fields! Pretty! Scenery outside the gas station. Scenery in the parking lot while I was waiting for Fred to come out of Subway with our dinner. Defilement of a happy face sticker will be a crime when I’m Queen of the world. Wiggins St! Hee! Every summer, I end up obsessed with one sort of tree or plant. This year, it’s the primroses that grow wild everywhere. I took several pictures of them, because I think you should be obsessed with them as well. One of the things I like about going to Hartselle is driving down Main St. To me, it looks like a perfect all-American town, and I keep telling Fred that one day we need to go park and walk down the street. There are a lot of big, old houses I love to look at. Unfortunately, it’s a busy street, and I didn’t get any pictures of my favorite houses. I love old houses with deep porches. I think this house is actually empty, and probably not in very good shape. I’d love to see the inside, though. The moon! I don’t know why, but it always fascinates me when I can see the moon while it’s still daylight out. Back in Madison, this is a house I really like to look at while I’m out walking. Fred said "What a junky car! Take a picture!" So I did. Okay, that’s it for today. See y’all tomorrow! ]]>