Is it wrong that this morning, while I had VH-1 on to listen to while I was cleaning, I heard "The queen has been on the throne for 50 years." and I giggled like a 12 year-old boy? On the throne for 50 years. Hee!

So yesterday, as the notify list already knows, I was in a bad, BAD mood all day. Probably because I spent all day doing things that did NOT include getting the house in decent shape before my parents get here. Once I sent out the notify, though, I went around and cleaned the inside of most of the downstairs windows, scrubbed the floorboards, and immediately felt better.

But DAMN were the windows nasty. BLACK stuff was coming off of them, and I don’t know why they were so gross. Maybe because this is the first time I’ve cleaned them since we moved in last August.

Oh, don’t give me that disapproving look.

The spud had an appointment for a haircut at 11, so we left here about twenty minutes before that, and I cooled my heels while she had her hair shampooed, cut, and blown dry. I didn’t get a picture of it, because the camera’s still smoking from all the pictures I took in Gatlinburg, but I will one of these days. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath. It looks cute, though. You’ll just have to believe me.

While we were on our way to the hair-cutting place (Please. "Beauty Salon" sounds so fucking pretentious. Of course, they charge pretentious prices, so maybe I should just go with it), I glanced over at the spud, and realized that apparently I rarely look directly at the child. She had a creeping crud type rash around her mouth.

"Did you WASH YOUR FACE today?" I demanded. I swear to god, if given her choice, she’d never bathe, never wash her hair, never brush her teeth, and would just be a big walking pile of stank. And some people think that girls are cleaner than boys. Ha! The spud told me she had, and when I asked what was wrong with her face (nice, huh?) she told me that the rash she’d had had gotten worse. So I called Fred and asked him to call and make a doctor’s appointment for her, the sooner the better.

She’s always had a problem with eczema, for which she uses Lidex ointment when it flares up, but I don’t recall it ever showing up around her mouth. Fred got her an appointment for 2:10 that same afternoon, and so after running home, eating lunch, and working on the Entry That Would Not End, I was back out the door. After a quick stop at the movie store to rent Harry Potter, we hit the doctor’s office.

After a relatively short visit there, it was determined that the spud’s eczema had yeast in it, and we were told to stop with the steroid ointment (okay, how stupid am I? I didn’t realize the stuff had steroids in it!) and start using Lamisil, and it should start clearing up in a few days.

Okay, the cats? Are freakin’ me out. The last two nights, wherever I am after Fred goes to bed, that’s where they are. Monday night, they all stayed in the bedroom with me. Tuesday night, I came down on the computer to balance the checkbook, and they all came down and snoozed in the computer room until I went upstairs, and then they followed me up. It’s creepy, because they never used to do that. It makes me wonder if I’m about to die, and they all know it, and want to be there to celebrate.

Fred laughed when I suggested the idea, and said that the only way I’d die is if Tubby decided to sit on my chest.

I’m keeping an eye on that one, believe you me.