June 5, 2002

26 things you may not know about me (and some that you do)
1. In the middle of my right palm, I have a single, solitary freckle: 2. On that thing dividing my nostrils (the septum? I think that’s what it’s called), I have another single, solitary freckle. My sister likes to point it out to people sometimes. 3. Sometimes I hate my freckles. And sometimes I think they give me character. 4. I wish I had dark-blue eyes, instead of eyes that look bluish sometimes and greenish sometimes, depending on what I’m wearing. 5. I’m a zit-popper. If there’s a zit somewhere on my body, I’ll squeeze it whether it’s ready to pop or not. I spend a lot of time checking myself for zits. Unfortunately, I’ve never been terribly prone to acne, which is why I like popping them so much, I guess. 6. I really like to go out to eat, even if it’s for Mexican food, which I don’t really care for. 7. My favorite kind of food is Chinese, followed closely by seafood. I can hardly ever convince Fred to go out for Chinese, though. Which may be why I’m always craving it. 8. I’m a total sucker for weight loss before and after pictures. I could sit and look at before and after pictures for days – and I don’t care how the person who lost the weight did so. “I ate two crackers and half an apple six days a week and fasted on the seventh”? Great! Let’s see the before and after pictures! The more startling the difference, the more I like seeing them. “I lost 7,695 pounds!” Great! Let’s see the pictures! 9. I think people who publish books about having lost weight without including a LOT of before and after pictures should be tortured to death. 10. I grind my teeth in my sleep. 11. Although I’ve been married for most of my adult life, I can completely relate to this entry of Kymm’s. There were times, during the dead last five years of my first marriage, when I thought “I will spend the rest of my life alone, without someone to love. I will never be held and loved and kissed.” And I believed that, and I was okay with that. For years. I was more alone in a bed with my first husband than I ever was by myself. But then things changed. 12. Miz Poo is my favorite cat (duh!), followed at a distance by Spanky, who makes me laugh awfully hard with his doofy skittishness. I would like Fancypants, except I have a hard time feeling affection for anyone who SHITS ON THE CARPET OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM DOOR. And Tubby drives me nuts. Thank god he gets love from the spud (and long-distance love from Nance). I like Spot, but he’s not the kind of cat you can pick up and cuddle, so it’s a respectful stand-across-the-room-and-talk-to-him kind of affection. 13. Sometimes, when I get a really long email from a stranger that I don’t know how to respond to, I let it sit in my inbox for a long, long time, and every time I see it, I feel guilty, until the time comes that I say “Oh my GOD, I have GOT to respond to this!”, and then I do my best to whip off a response, but I always feel like I’ve done a half-assed job of it. And sometimes, if it’s been long enough, I think “They probably don’t expect a response anyway!”, and quicklikeabunny I delete it before I can change my mind. 14. I have a hard time not responding to email even if it obviously requires no response. If you send me an email thanking me for something, I will often thank you for thanking me, and we will send a volley back and forth until you give up. 15. I’ve been caught up on my email for almost two weeks now. That’s as long as I’ve ever been caught up on email, and I’m hoping like hell I can keep it up. 16. I’m not caught up on my journal reading, though. I’m about a week behind. 17. Sometimes, right after I upload an entry, I think “Oh, shit! I meant to talk about (whatever)!”, and so I open up Dreamweaver and start an entry for the next day. Hell, sometimes I have most of an entry written for the next day by 6 pm the night before. Is that cheating? Who cares? 18. When Fred first started his (now defunct) journal, I was pissy and annoyed and felt like he was stepping on my toes. I’d bet dollar to donuts that he never knew I felt that way, though. 19. In the few weeks two years ago after Fred started losing weight and I got my shit together, I thought I was going to lose my mind, because eating and exercising was ALL he ever talked about. 20. Sometimes I want to bitch-slap Fred for being at his goal weight while I still have 80-something pounds to lose. But he’s so cute that I can’t quite bring myself to do it. The bastard. 21. If I didn’t open the blinds downstairs every morning, Fred and the spud would leave them closed and live happily in a cold, dark house all the days of their lives. 22. The medicine/ supplements I take on a daily basis: birth control pill, thyroid pill (synthroid), evening primrose oil, calcium, magnesium, and glucosamine/ chondroitin. 23. At least twice a week, I choke on the magnesium pill (it’s not coated) and throw it and a big mouthful of water back up into the sink. Yes, I barf it back up. I am a true pleasure to be around when I’m taking pills. Small pills, like my synthroid and birth control pill occasionally get stuck to the roof of my mouth, and I have to dig it off with my tongue. Ladylike gentility, thy name is Robyn. 24. I haven’t had fingernail polish on my nails in about ten years. I also haven’t filed my nails in at least that long. When my nails get long enough to be annoying, I chop them off with the fingernail clipper, and most days I don’t even glance at my nails. Or my ragged cuticles. 25. I am not a girly-girl. Have I mentioned? I put makeup on maybe three times a year. Though I have started using moisturizer sporadically. Does that count? 26. Movie trailers always make me tear up and want to lay my head down on the back of the seat in front of me and sob wildly, but only when I see them in the movie theater. Even if they don’t look that great. And even if they’re comedies (see: Men in Black 2). This is possibly because I know that chances are excellent that the movie can never live up to the trailer. Which makes me sad, because I WANT the movie to live up to the trailer, damnit. That’s all that comes to mind. Don’t you feel enlightened?]]>