June 11, 2002

Go hither and make your own. Link stolen from… well, everyone’s doing it! And while we’re talking about cartoons, I have to say that Hawthorne from the Sherman’s Lagoon strip is the cartoon character I’m most like.

The look he gets on his little crab face right before he pinches someone never fails to crack me up. Reader Dawn became my Favorite Person o’ the Moment on Friday, when she sent me the (now defunct) link to disable the Comet Cursor download prompt. Have I mentioned that I hate those damn things? I thought so. Thanks, Dawn! Is it goofy that I’m concerned about Coleen Rowley‘s career in the long run? That I’m afraid that once the brouhaha has calmed down and everyone’s forgotten her name except in passing, that it may have negative consequences for her career, and very probably will? Go read Dana’s Rules O’ Driving. Go on, now. Unlike Dana, I’m not an excellent driver. I’m an okay driver, sometimes I’m a little too slow and careful, but usually the knowledge that I’m just a so-so driver makes me more vigilant, more aware of my surroundings, and so being aware that I’m not an excellent driver is probably the best thing for us all. And I’d never turn from a non-turn lane. I’d probably be a better driver if I was driving a car, though. Speaking of driving slow and careful – when my parents were here, my father drove through our subdivision at 12 miles per hour. Every time. It was like watching hair grow, riding with the man. And every time I said “You need to get in the right lane, Dad.”, he would respond with “No I don’t. It’s on the left.”, and I would say “No, it ISN’T, it’s on the right”, and I would always be proven right. Who’s going to know where the International House of Pancakes is located, I ask you? Someone who LIVES here and drives by it at least twice a week, or someone who hasn’t been in the area for three years, which is before it was built? That’s what I thought. So, a couple of weeks ago someone somewhere fucked up badly – personally, I blame my former webhosts, hispeed – and people would search on and find the site bulpyong.com, only when they hit bulpyong.com, they would see my site. The fine, useless people at hispeed hemmed and hawed and then determined it was a “dns crossover” that would “propogate out” over time, but here, two weeks later, I’m still getting hits from the Korean google site. You see, bulpyong.com is a Korean site. So Koreans were searching on something that bulpyong offers, and instead of seeing what they wanted, they were seeing the journal of a fat white chick. And when they couldn’t figure out WHAT the hell was going on, they were emailing me. And emailing me. And emailing the motherloving shit out of me. And trying to send me viruses. And emailing me. It was, you can imagine, quite a thrill. And what the hell was I supposed to do? I don’t speak Korean, so they could have been proposing to me, excoriating me, or just asking “What the fuck is going on?” Who knows? It’s a mystery. Now that my ip address has changed because I’ve switched hosts, hopefully that will stop, because nothing chaps my ass faster than getting a bunch of email, getting all excited (“I just got a bunch of email! Whee!”), and then finding you can’t read it or it’s a bunch of attempted virii. Grrrr. ]]>