June 18, 2002

But it ALSO has a bubble thingy in the top of the pencil so that you can blow bubbles and annoy and harass your cats! You can imagine we’ve been having a great deal of fun with that. 2. Reader Ellen, who saw a little smiley face pin, thought of me, and bought it and sent it to me! Every time I look at it, it makes me grin. The picture didn’t come out very well, because for some reason my camera wouldn’t focus on the pin, no matter what I did. But you get the idea: 3. Reader Jo, who swears she is NOT a stalker, who sent a wonderful cat card and smiley face stickers. I’m searching for the perfect place on my monitor to stick one of those stickers: 4. And lastly, but certainly not least, reader Tara, who was browsing my wish list one day and realized that she had one of the books on my list. She emailed and offered to send it to me, I accepted, and in the post office box this morning, there it was! It looks great, and I can’t wait to start it! I think it fucking rocks (rawks!) that so many people can’t see a smiley face without thinking of me. My brainwashing is going as planned, and soon I will have world domination! A world where smiley faces and “fuckity fuck-fuck-fuck!”s will abound. I can hardly wait! Speaking of books (see #4), the new Evanovich – Hard Eight – is out today, y’all. Go! Run! Buy! Read! I had planned to hit Sam’s today, since we’re in need of paper towels and gum, among other things, and I’m pretty sure that Sam’s will have Hard Eight, which I was looking forward to buying, but by the time I hauled my ass out of bed, exercised, showered, and went to pick up a few groceries and hit the post office, I wouldn’t have had time to go to Sam’s before the newspaper lady was due to be here, so I put it off until tomorrow. And since I’m dying of starvation, I’m going to cut this entry short and go make me some dinner. See ya!]]>