June 21, 2002

here. It’s funny that I said I was going to give only a few things a week away, and this week I’m giving away 12 items. Heh. In honor of it being the first day of summer, it’s going to go up to 92ยบ today. Whee! Of course, I can only say “Whee!” because I live in an air-conditioned house, I drive an air-conditioned vehicle, and every store I might think of to visit is air-conditioned. Therefore, I can afford the “Whee!” It amazes me that when I moved to Alabama I drove a car for two years that had no air-conditioning. Which reminds me of when my friend Liz was shopping for a new car many years ago. We both lived in Maine at the time – which means it was probably about 11 years ago – and we stopped to look at a red Geo Metro. She decided to buy it, and I sat in while she answered the questions the saleslady asked. “Do I want an air-conditioner?” Liz asked me when the saleslady posed the question to her. “Nah!” I said, shaking my head. “You don’t need one in Maine. It doesn’t stay hot long enough to call for it, and you’ll save money if you don’t get one.” A few years later she moved to North Carolina and then to Florida, and I’m sure she cursed my name every time she drove anywhere in her sweltering car. So, Fred? Oh my GOD. He’s going to a picnic this afternoon for work (Yes, I could go. But why would I want to?), and he volunteered to make a dessert to bring. He looked in one of his cookbooks (I think it’s called Death by Chocolate) and decided to make chocolate macadamia brownies. When he realized how expensive macadamias are (“I’m not spending that much on THOSE people!”), he decided to substitute pecans and he made them last night. We split one brownie, and it was incredible. He also set a few aside for us to have today, it being Friday, which means it’s our Free Day, eatingwise. After I exercised this morning, I circled around the plate of brownies for a little while before putting a couple on a plate and pouring a glass of Diet Coke (hee!). Hell. O. Dolly. God in heaven, they were SO DAMN GOOD. They’re very, very chocolatey and they have big chunks of chocolate in them, and they’re amazing. This is one of those times I thank god that the man can bake. This is also one of those times I thank god that the man doesn’t bake more often, or I’d be staring at 400 on the scale and wondering how that happened. So today? Another good mail day! I hit the post office and opened my box to find a little box sitting in there smiling up at me. I tugged and pulled and swore (under my breath) and tugged some more, and I could NOT get the box out. Apparently it was just the right size so that they could slide it in on the other side, but it wouldn’t come out on my side. Finally, I went and asked for help, and someone got it out for me. It was a box o’ love from Nance! It was addressed to both Fred and I, but do you really think I’m going to share? I think not! Nance rocks, if I haven’t mentioned recently. 1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? A house. 2. Do you rent or own? We own. Well, the bank owns for now, but in 100 years we should have it paid off, and watch OUT, baby! 3. Does anyone else live with you? Himself, the spud (though she’s in Maine at the moment, and soon will be in California), and five cats – Spot, Spanky, Tubby, Fancypants, and Miz Poo. 4. How many times have you moved in your life? Let’s see… I was born in Bangor, Maine, moved to Goosebay, Labrador, Canada (1), to an air force base in Indiana (the name escapes me) (2), to Kinchloe AFB, Michigan (3), to Guam (4), to Loring AFB, Michigan (5), to Lisbon Falls, Maine (6), to Durham, Maine when I was 18 (7), back to Lisbon Falls (8), to Brunswick, Maine when I was 19 (9), back to Lisbon Falls (10), to Bath, Maine after I got married (11), to another apartment in Bath when I got pregnant (12), to base housing in Brunswick about a year later (13), to Lisbon Falls while waiting to get into housing in Newport, RI (14), into housing in Newport, RI (15), to Goddard St in Lisbon Falls while the ex (before he was the ex) was stationed in SC (16), back to Newport when the ex got stationed there (17), to the apartment the spud and I shared with Fred in Huntsville (18), from the apartment to the first house we bought (19), and from there to where we are now (20). I probably either forgot one of the places we lived when I was little, or messed up the order – for instance, I’m not positive that Indiana came after Goosebay, but I think it did. Still, I’ve moved 20 times. Impressive, eh? 5. What are your plans for this weekend? I haven’t got a clue. We were talking about going to see Minority Report (which I want to see, despite the fact that it stars Tom Cruise), but might wait until next week. I definitely want to visit a nursery and pick up another flat of petunias, because the ones I have potted out front are driving me nuts. I planted way too many plants in that pot, and I’m going to yank them out and replace them. Other than that, I don’t know what-all we’re going to do. ]]>