Absolutely awesome-smelling candles from Aly, who is currently training for the Atlanta 3-Day, which takes place in October. Anyway, the yellow candles are chamomile-scented, and there’s a layer of coral passion-flower-scented candles underneath. They smell SO good, and I keep going back to sniff them until I’m lightheaded. Mmmmm. From Egg, smiley-face glasses. They are SO awesome – when you look at any point of light, you see 3-D smiley faces. I am SO taking these to Florida with us to wear while we’re watching the fireworks! And from reader Donna in Canada, magnets! They go perfectly with my smiley magnet collection, and the evil smiley up there on the right just cracks me up. Man. Do I have the best damn readers in the whole wide world, or what?! I have been amusing myself all day long by singing the lines What a cruel trick of nature/ Landed me with such a louse in the manner of one Ethel Merman, complete with big, goofy arm movements. It really takes very little to amuse me. The GiveAway page has been changed – this week I’m giving away perfumes. I was looking at descriptions of the various perfumes online, and was amused to see that each was recommended for “romantic wear”, “casual wear”, or “evening wear.” I had no idea perfumes were supposed to match how you were dressed. I guess I’d better check and see whether the Vera Wang I’m wearing all the time now is recommended for cotton pants and t-shirts, because I’d hate to be screwing that up. With its modern floral bouquet, the Vera Wang fragrance is a sensual and intimate fragrance of desire. Whew! Luckily, it doesn’t say what I should be wearing, so I guess as long as I’m looking all desirable and sensual (and you can see that picture of me in the smiley sunglasses as proof), I’ll be okay. Speaking of the GiveAway page, I am officially no longer looking at the body of every email I get, because it takes too long – 103 people wanted the Evanovich book last week – so if you have a comment or question, you’ll have to email it separately from the entry, because unless you’ve won, I won’t see what you had to say. Know what chaps my ass (speaking of sensual and desirable….)? When I get fucking SPAM, and the return address is mine. Like I spammed myself. That just pisses me off, because when I go to bounce the spam through MailWasher, all it does is bounce back to me, like I’m the one who sent it. Fuckers. Some Eminem lookalike just drove by and put a flyer on my mailbox. I’m sure he’s starting up a lawn-mowing service. It almost makes me want to hire him just so I can take his picture and put the caption Eminem mows my lawn during his down time underneath. Fred and I have spent the last couple of days on the verge of deciding not to go to Florida. It’s a 5-hour (if not more) drive, and while we want to BE there, we don’t want to do the drive. It’s really too late to cancel without losing money anyway, and there’s NO way I’m spending the next several days sitting around the house. So it looks like we’re going! At least, as of this very moment we are. Hey, look! More hijinks in the box! Fancypants laying in the box playing dead, while Miz Poo sniffs around to determine whether she needs to put a smackdown on his fancy ass. Miz Poo’s turn in the box. She’s wondering who the hell put that volleyball in there, and how the hell is she supposed to fit her portly ass around it? And now, Spot’s turn. Spot is not comfortable in the box for periods of time any longer than 3 – 4 seconds at a time. Miz Poo, snoozing on the love seat in a weird position. Miz Poo giving looks of annoyed hatred to me because I couldn’t resist petting her, which woke her up.]]>