Diarist Awards. Open nominations through the 15th, journallers, so get to nominatin’! These are in no particular order – just the order Internet Explorer decided to put them in. Also, I’m sure there are about 25,000 other entries I meant to bookmark for nomination, but didn’t. Because I am an airhead AND a dumbass, which is a potent combination, y’all. There are no rules against nominating your spouse, so I’m going to nominate this one by Fred, because it just cracks me the fuck up every time I read it. Also this one, purely because the picture of Fred making a mental note is what he actually looks like when he’s thinking hard about something. Except for an occasional bout of the blues, I have never really been depressed, not seriously depressed, a day in my life. This entry of Rob’s gave me some insight into what real depression is like. Man, Eliza sure can make me cry. And I could completely relate to every word of this entry. If you’re not a regular Eliza reader, you should be. Don’t make me come over there and kick your ass. Speaking of making me cry, Jessamyn does it regularly, like in this entry. Jessamyn’s probably also about to hire a bodyguard because I link to her all the time, like a big freaky stalker type, but honestly. If you’re not reading her regularly, you’re missing out. Hell. O. Dolly. If you forward a lot of emails, you need to read this doozy by Atara. I like it when she gets pissed off, because the results are always spot-on. This isn’t the first time I’ve linked to Nicole, and it sure as shit won’t be the last. As always, Nicole manages to say what I’m feeling, only she says it far more eloquently than I ever hope to. I liked this entry of Atara’s, because personally, I think that anyone who wants to take down their website should have to run it by me, with full detail of why they’re doing so. Because when something’s happened to cause someone to take down their site, it drives me NUTS that I don’t know what happened. I am about the nosiest damn person you will ever in your life meet, but I am also too polite to say “Dude. Why’d you take down the site?”, because I am secretly afraid that the answer will be “BECAUSE OF YOU, ROBYN! IT’S ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT, WITH YOUR NOSEY, WONDERING WAYS, AND I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” Yes, I am a tad paranoid. If I’ve ever traded one single email with you, even if it was only “Could you change my email address on the notify list?” “Sure!”, and you, YEARS down the road, say something cryptic in your journal, I will sit and feel horrified that I drove you to that, and I will burn with mortification that I could possibly be responsible for such a thing. The world? It revolves around me. I think you know that. (And as an aside, by the time I read that entry of Atara’s, Heather’s site (thankyajeezus) was back up. Whew! She won’t admit it, but I’m sure it was all my fault.) This entry of Marcia’s reminded me of when, shortly after my great-grandmother died, my mother showed me a letter that had been in her (my great-grandmother’s) belongings from a gentlemen who had been courting her 70 years ago. I wonder sometimes what belongings my own grandchildren will sift through, trying to find a spark of the person I was. Another tear-inducer from Eliza. I watched Hedwig once, sometime last winter, and I liked it, but didn’t love it, yet as I read Eliza’s entry about the movie, I started appreciating it, remembering the parts she wrote about, and wanting to rent and watch it again. I did go download The Origin of Love and Wicked Little Town, and listen to them over and over again. Reading of Eliza’s passion for Hedwig made me love it too, if that makes any sense. It’s like I didn’t really see it until I saw how she saw it, and then I couldn’t not love it. I don’t know. It’s way past my bedtime, and I’m still not completely packed for Florida, so I think I’m going to stop trying to explain any further and just let it stand as it is. See you on the flip side, unless a dolphin falls in luhrv with Fred and mauls him, and then I’ll see you when I see you.]]>