Oh mother of all that is holy, Angelina heard my plea, my whining “I wish we knew for sure whyyyyyyyyyy they broke up, in Angelina’s own words!”, and she said “That fat chick is right. She SHOULD know why we broke up!” and she contacted US and gave them an exclusive interview. All for ME. I’m torturing myself, though. I’m going to finish this entry and then go fold laundry before I’ll allow myself to sit down and read every single word of the Angelina interview. I can’t wait! * * * So, I’m actually writing this on July 22nd, because we’re leaving the house at 5 am on July 23rd to go to the airport and fly to Baltimore. There will probably be an entry up on Friday, but so you don’t die from the horror of having no Bitchypoo for four full days, I’m going to toss up a bunch of pictures and call it an entry. I seem to be doing that a lot lately, don’t I? This is Fancypants’ favorite place to lay while outside. He can be found there most mornings, just hanging out and watching for birds. Tubby, on the other hand, prefers to lay under a chair. Doesn’t he look annoyed and disturbed? The face o’ evil. The cats have recently taken to sleeping on this particular shelf, I have no idea why. Sunday morning I walked out of my bedroom to see a cat orgy going on. Every cat except Miz Poo was present. Miz Poo has morals, you know. That Fancypants just loooooves to snuggle up to Spanky. Miz Poo takes over her daddy’s chair. A newly-bloomed rose in the garden. I love the way the color is darker on the outside than the inside. Just gorgeous! I love this rose, too. In fact, I like most roses, as long as they aren’t the boring red ones. For some reason, the cats don’t like to walk across the bath mat. Spanky just got done drinking out of the toilet, and if you look closely, you can see a drop of water on his nose. You can’t really see it, but Tubby was sprawled out of the floor rubbing his face all over the sock o’ love (ie, stuffed with catnip and tied close), and Miz Poo and Spanky were looking on with faint disgust. See something on the floor? Sit on it. Sit on it. Sit on it. If you see us wandering around Washington in the next few days, please come up and say hi! I’ll see you on the flip side.]]>