From our house looking down the street. Everything’s much greener than it was back in April, you’ll notice. I love that yellow house to the side. I don’t know what that plant is called, but I always refer to it as “That big pile of wheat”. I can only imagine the bugs living in there… (note: I’m told it’s called Pampas Grass. You learn something every day, don’tcha?) Down another street. The Crepe Myrtle to the right (by the garbage bag) always has a big, nasty pile of Japanese Beetles underneath it. Gah. Last year, there was a lot more water in this river thingy, and there were even fish living in the water. No fish this year, though. See those kids standing there? The sidewalk that goes off to the right behind them leads to the scary walkway I walk down most days. This yard is still my favorite, especially now with all the stuff flowering, and the gorgeous green of the lawn. There’s this Dachsund who lives somewhere in the neighborhood, and I call him (or her) “Weinerdog”. This is where I usually see Weinerdog, trotting down this sidewalk. No Weinerdog today, though. Weinerdog, where are you? Not in our subdivision, but nearby, there’s this road with small, older houses, sitting on a ton of land. I’m jealous of how much land they all have, and I bet with the Yuppification of Madison, that land is worth a pretty penny. There’s this little pond of water at the corner of two roads I walk on, and it’s about two feet deep. There are two bullfrogs (“Hallo, Clarice”) who live in this little pond, and the other day when I walked by, I noticed that there are fish living there now, too. A main part of my walk is down this street. I like the sidewalk, but hate the traffic, because it’s hard to hear the book I’m listening to (currently, The Talisman). I walk by this new subdivision-in-construction most every day, too. I wish they’d start building the houses, because I’m curious to see what they’re going to look like. The scary walkway. See all that overgrown foliage on the right side? I’m always afraid someone’s going to jump out of it and grab me. The scary, overgrown foliage. This is another neighborhood I walk through occasionally. It leads to the hill that kicks my ass. The bottom part of the hill that kicks my ass… And the top part of the hill. The problem with ass-kicking hills is that they never photograph well. Halfway up the hill, there’s a street that turns off to the right. I walk down this street instead of going to the top of the hill sometimes. This part of this subdivision always reminds me of Gatlinburg, because it’s hilly and quiet, and there are lots of trees. Another of my favorite yards – there’s a groundhog that lives in this yard somewhere, but he wasn’t around today. I’m always afraid he’s going to run out in front of my Jeep and I’ll run him over, which would suck. Fred loves this house, because it’s so big and imposing. A cool shot of the sun coming through the clouds down the street from our house.]]>