This one is my favorite. * * * While I was scanning stuff, here are a couple of things from last week’s US. Is Meg Ryan a total dead ringer for Nicole Kidman, or what? Those two could be sisters, I swear to god. I think no one ever told Billy Bob that if you ANNOUNCE you’re taking the high road, then you aren’t taking it. If you say, all smug-like, “I’m taking the high road, unlike that psycho bitch I married, with the creepy BLOOD fetish and everything,” that’s just not the same thing as keeping your big mouth shut and actually TAKING the high road. God, this just cracks me up, because Billy Bob reminds me of someone long-time readers know as Tex, and I can totally imagine Tex sitting back, looking all proud of himself and saying, snidely, “I am taking the high road on this one! But let me tell you about the noises she used to make during sex…” * * * Today was my regular errand-running Tuesday, with a cut and color tossed in. I left the house at just before 9, and didn’t get home until almost noon. After the cut and color (during which I continued reading Choke – I’m not sure I like it), I went to the movie store and rented the following: Showtime Crossroads (shaddup) Birthday Girl Clockstoppers In the Bedroom Yes, I’m embarrassed that I rented the Britney Spears movie, but I couldn’t help it. If I didn’t watch it, there might be a pop culture joke down the road I wouldn’t understand. Besides, I think she’s just as cute as she can be, so y’all shut the hell up about it. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be any worse than A Walk to Remember, now, could it? (Famous last words!) I don’t know why I rented so many movies – I’m sure that this week will be just like every other week, where we’re scrambling to watch all our movies before Sunday, which is when they’re due back. Of the five I rented, Fred only wants to see two (Showtime and Clockstoppers) and the other three are ones that I want to see. I might be able to convince him to watch In the Bedroom or Birthday Girl with me (but I’m not holding my breath on that), so I need to either watch them during the day, or after he’s gone to bed. I hope they don’t all suck. * * * I forgot to bitch about the fact that Fred killed off my Petunias (the potted ones) while I was in Maine. So, yeah. Fred killed my Petunias by not watering them, and I came home to a pot of crispy flowers. I cut them back and fertilized the hell out of them, so I’m hoping they’ll come back. Fingers crossed, y’all! To make up for it, he (after some nagging from me) planted my butterfly bush in the yard. It wilted almost immediately, but it seems to have perked up a bit after I watered and fertilized it. * * * And by the way, that non-butterfly bush I mentioned in last week’s entry is NOT a marijuana plant. I got enough emails suggesting I was running my own little pot farm that I got worried and looked up a picture of one. As you can see, not even close. None of you fooled me with your protestations of not really knowing anything about marijuana plants, either. Ya damn potheads! 🙂 * * * I’m making a mix cd for a swap on the TMS list, and now that I’ve downloaded all the songs, I’m listening to them before I burn them to CD. Burning them to CD is going to be fun, because once AGAIN my cd drive isn’t working – this is the second computer I’ve had that this has happened to me on – so I’ll have to ftp everything up and then download it all over at Fred’s desk to burn it onto CD. ANYWAY, I’m listening to the songs I’m planning to burn on this CD to make sure they sound okay – you never know what you’re going to get from Grokster – and I’ve realized that I like some really depressing songs. What’s up with that? If I think of it, once the person I’m sending the CD to receives it I’ll post the list of songs. Alrighty, that’s it for today. Y’all have a good one!]]>