a frog a few weeks ago. Who am I to judge? As we rounded the corner, she pointed to another yard. “I was scared of those dogs, too, until I saw that they wouldn’t leave the yard.” I nodded my understanding, and as we walked a bit further, she told me that she was going to go home and get an umbrella to defend herself in case she needed it, and finish her walk. She pointed out that just opening the umbrella would scare off any marauding pups, and if that didn’t work, she could stab them – using both her arms, she lunged forward in a violent stabbing motion – and then run away. We approached the corner of her street, and a tiny dog came running at us. I watched her carefully to see if this dog – who was the size of my foot and a miniature something-or-other, something with a lot of hair and a bow on it’s head – was going to freak her out. It turned out that she knew this dog, whose name was Gizmo, and after I petted him on the top of his head and waved in her direction, I went on my way. Heh. You thought I was going to say that I’d thrown myself in the path of an attacking dog, didn’t you? Silly readers.]]>