Poor Kato! I was disappointed, to tell the truth, that David (Bud Bundy) Faustino was the only one to step up and have his head shaved – I would have liked to see Coolio with no hair, though they did shave his face. But we’re talkin’ CELEBRITIES, here, and I’m SURE it was written into the contract that they couldn’t make them shave their heads. Nikki Schieler Ziering wasn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp, but I found myself liking her, anyway. The surprise, really, was Coolio and Lorenzo Lamas. I ended up not caring for Coolio at ALL, due to his attitude (kick his ass, Rosenbaum!). (And it was obvious Coolio didn’t watch the first Boot Camp and see the shit-fit McSweeney had over the mint, or he wouldn’t have tried to smuggle that muffin from the chow hall.) Lorenzo Lamas, on the other hand, had some real leadership potential, which I never would have expected. I think my favorite moment of all was when everyone got a one-minute call home, and Kato MISDIALED the number and got a stranger’s answering machine. Instead of hanging up and re-dialing, he LEFT A ONE-MINUTE MESSAGE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE. Damn was that funny. Kato’s not terribly bright, but he is infinitely likeable. * * * Only a week and a half, and I’ll be in Gatlinburg, y’all! I’m way too excited about that… * * *

Sooooo Fancy!