Text Twist that the parts of my brain that do other things are beginning to atrophy. Last night, reading a magazine before bed, I could not multiply 150 times 14. I had a pen and a piece of paper, and no matter what I did, I kept coming up with something like 1200. I knew that wasn’t right, because I know that 150 x 10 would be 1500 and so 150 x 14 wasn’t going to be LESS than that, but I finally had to give up in disgust. (It’s 2100, in case you were wondering) We spent most of the day yesterday moving furniture around and vacuuming up the ton and a half of cobwebs and dead bugs under where said furniture had been. We sold two dressers (this one and this one) and a wardrobe, all to the same woman, who came to pick them up yesterday. And then we moved a couple of INCREDIBLY heavy bookcases from the dining room to upstairs, putting one in the guest bedroom and one in the spud’s room. We moved the bookcase she’d had in her room to the wall at the top of the stairs, and then moved one of the remaining bookcases in the dining room down the wall and put the secretaire we got from Fred’s mother next to the bookcase. I absolutely love the way the secretaire looks, and in fact keep going to look at it. On it’s own it was really pretty (it’s over 150 years old, I’m told), but with a few items added to it, it really warms up the dining room.

The plant on the top was actually Fred’s idea, and it makes all the difference. And with some of the money we got from the sale of the dressers and wardrobe, we’re going shopping for a recliner for the corner of the computer room where the wardrobe was. Whee! We’re also talking about moving the table from the kitchen to the dining room, and putting barstools in the kitchen, at the bar. Fred’s worried that where the table is in the kitchen will look all weird and empty, though. The house is going to look so different that I’ll need to do a new virtual tour! Yeah, I’ll get right on that… On Saturday, we finally went to the corn maze that Fred’s been wanting to go to for months and months, whining and moaning and gnashing his teeth because they’re closing down on November 9th, which was rapidly approaching, and all he’d ever wanted in his ENTIRE life was to go to the corn maze, but whenever we had the time to go, it was always raining or crappy-looking outside (and for the record, I can’t remember the last time we had a day that was sunny from beginning to end). Finally, Saturday, it was cool but semi-sunny, and we got our asses up and out the door to see the damn thing. It was interesting, but I would have been happier to have the maze half the size it was, because about halfway through it I developed a killer headache and plodded along grumpily until we found our way out of the damn thing. Fred put some pictures up in his entry, but here are a couple he didn’t put up:
He’s the corn cop! Hee! I would have loved to have a shirt like this, but I don’t think they were selling them. (That’s Fred on the other side of the corn cop, receiving instructions on how to shoot the corn cob gun (?)) Now, THAT is a church name!
And after I left the pet store this morning, I saw that the trees in the parking lot are finally changing color. Fall comes to Alabama at last:
Another sign of Fall – Fancypants snoozing inside, instead of wandering the backyard looking for small rodents and birds to kill.]]>