creepy homo) is questioning the numbers. Or, to put it another way: Siegelman: “I won! I’m still the governor!” Riley: “Nuh uh!” I suspect the battle over who truly won will be fought for the next few months until Riley and Siegelman bore the shit out of the entire state of Alabama. That’s my prediction, anyway. I taped the documentary Journeys with George last night, and I’m pretty eager to watch it. I won’t be watching it tonight, though, because between The Bachelor and The Amazing Race, my tv plate is pretty full. Oh, wait – after checking the television schedule, I see that The Amazing Race isn’t on tonight because the Country Music Awards are. That just means I have one less show to tape and watch, I guess. I still haven’t watched Boomtown, which I taped Sunday night. My life. So very exciting. So, last Friday Fred and I actually ventured out to the grocery store together. This is VERY unusual, and we’ve only been in the same grocery store at the same time MAYBE three times in the 6 years we’ve been together. Anyway, Fred was going to the store to get some snack food for the evening, and asked if I wanted anything. I did, but wasn’t sure. I was in the mood for chinese food for dinner, but the really good chinese restaurant is several miles down a busy highway. A drive I didn’t really want to make during rush hour, because it takes maybe 15 minutes in the morning, but can take half an hour during rush hour. And I know that those of you who have to drive 2 hours each way to commute to work are really feeling my pain right now. Anyway, I decided to go with him to see what the grocery store had in the area of chinese food. I ended up buying a big pan of frozen General Tso’s chicken, a small bowl of beef and broccoli, and some spring rolls. Fred chose what he wanted, and we headed for the checkout line. Now, since Fred goes to get the groceries every Saturday morning, the majority of the cashiers who work there know him by sight. And since I’m usually in there a couple of times during the week, some of them know me by sight as well. It just so happened that we ended up in the line of a cashier who always recognizes us separately by sight, but since we’ve never been in there together before, she had no way to know that we were married. Her brow furrowed and her eyes narrowed as she looked rapidly back and forth between Fred and I, and I think I saw smoke coming from her ears as she put two and two together. As we walked out to the car, I said to Fred “I guess that destroys her image of you as a swinging single!”]]>