SaveKaryn has brought her debt down to $0, in case you were wondering. So yesterday was my feed-and-scoop day at the petstore. I walked through the store to the wall of cages, and found – to my surprise – that every cage was full. There’s always been at least one empty cage since I started doing this, and I usually put the cats in the empty cage (one at a time – two at a time, in the case of the kittens who share a cage) while I’m cleaning out their cage. The store employee let me into the cat room, and I stood and wondered how the hell I was going to accomplish what I needed to, with no conveniently empty cage. I thought about calling Fred and begging him to come help me, but I didn’t want to, because he would feel like he had to, but wouldn’t be happy about it, and I can’t stand it when he’s a pouty bitch. Besides, I didn’t really want to pull him away from work. I realized that there were three cat carriers sitting on top of the cages, and so I pulled a couple down, deciding to use them, or at least try. Knowing my past attempts at putting cats in carriers, I was doubtful it would work. It did, though, it worked just fine, to my shock and amazement. A couple of the cats tried to bust their way out, but the flimsy cardboard container wasn’t so flimsy and held admirably. The cat we’ve been calling Fancypants, Jr, tried to escape when I opened his cage – the hard part about opening a cage with more than one cat in it is that they tend to all rush the door, and more often than not, one manages to slip out. Fancypants, Jr. tried to slip underneath the cage, which would have been a bad thing, because there’s a gap between the underneath part of the cages, and once he’d gotten under the cages, he could have slipped out into the store, and then the hijinks, I’m sure, would have ensued. I grabbed Fancypants, Jr.’s tail at the base, which he very much didn’t like, but since my main goal was to prevent him from going under the cages, I was successful, and when he rolled onto his back to hiss and spit at me, I grabbed him up and tossed him in one of the carriers. The little bastard.