Which is not to say that I can’t appreciate a cool shoe; I just don’t lust after them the way other women do. Maybe it’s because I have weird feet and they’ve never been comfortable in anything other than shitkickers, sneakers, and fuzzy slippers. Just another example of my weirdness. Yesterday, the temperature outside was 35 and with the wind chill felt 27. Today, it’s 55 out. I’m not complaining about the warmer weather, but a little consistency couldn’t hurt Mother Nature! I have to check the temperature every day before I know what to wear on my walks, and it’s a good thing I do, because I’m thinking that sweats and long johns on a 55-degree day wouldn’t work quite as well as it does on a feels-like-27-degree day. Which reminds me – I need to buy some decent long johns. I think the bunny ears would look smahhhhhshing on Mr. Fancypants. And the party hat on Tubby. And Miz Poo would kick ass as a cowgirl. Speaking of the cats, I was sitting in front of the computer around 10:00 last night paying bills, when a loud crashing sound came from the library, where the cat door is located. I turned around to see a fancy blur go by at the speed of light. Miz Poo, who had been laying on the floor behind me asleep, stood up, her tail bushed out, blinking sleepily. I hadn’t heard Fancypants go up the stairs, so I looked in the kitchen and living room before concluding that he had. I went up the stairs, and at the top stood Spanky and Spot, both with their tails bushed out, both staring warily toward the master bedroom. I went into the bedroom, softly calling for Fancypants, but got no reply. I checked the closet and bathroom, then got down on my stomach and looked under the bed. He was laying there, curled up into a freaked-out looking pile, his eyes big and dark. I talked to him for a few moments, checked around him to be sure there were no signs of blood or small rodents, and then left him alone. The other cats milled around with dark eyes and bushy tails for another half hour or so before settling down. I checked out in the back yard to make sure there were no neighborhood cats hanging around, and saw Tubby sitting under the bird feeders. He meowed bitchily at me to let me know that all was well. When I went back upstairs a while later to watch last week’s ER, Fancypants was flopped in the middle of the floor with his legs kicked up, licking himself. Business as usual, in other words. I have no idea what happened, but can guess that either he tried to put the smack down on the wrong kitty, a dog got after him, or he was in someone’s back yard and they chased him out. Whatever happened, I guess I’m glad he knows that home is the safe place to be!

Evil, yet fancy. I walked by these trees this morning and loved them so much that when I got home I grabbed the camera and drove back to take a picture of them.